Spider-Man PS4’s Devs Have “Cool Stuff Planned”, Will Show It When They’re “Sure”

Spider-man The Heist DLC Suits

Jacinda Chew, Art Director at Insomniac Games, briefly discussed what’s next in the communication and marketing process with the much anticipated Spider-Man PS4 title, after it kind of disappeared from our radars.

Spider-Man PS4 Cool Stuff Coming Before E3 2018

Talking to a follower on Twitter, Chew told a fan that he can expect something even better than simply “a picture of Peter Parker’s nose to keep us occupied until E3,” something that gives us an idea of how much anticipated this game actually is.

“I assure you we can do better than that. We have some cool stuff planned, but we like to make sure everything is just right before moving forward,” the art director told her fan on the social network. “I appreciate everyone’s patience.”

In a previous tweet, she kind of confirmed that Spider-Man is going to feature an auto-save feature as a lot of other games do now:

“I used to obsessively manually save in games like Final Fantasy, but games with autosave have gotten so intuitive that I can’t remember manually saving anything lately”, she told another fan.

So, the wait to learn more about the title is almost over, as Insomniac Games has promised that the next adventure in the Peter Parker saga is coming in 2018. Hopefully, Sony’ll drop a proper release date at E3 this June.