Splatoon 3 Salmon Run is getting a horrifying new King Salmonid and Big Run next month

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Horrorboros!

Image via Nintendo

Splatoon 3 is seeing a big content update next month with the Fresh Season 2023. However, new weapons and gear aren’t the only things heading to the game. Also in March, players will be introduced to a new King Salmonid and have the chance to protect Splatsville from the Salmonids in an upcoming Big Run.

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The new King Salmonid is called a Horrorboros, which could prove difficult to beat because of its flight capabilities. Going by the other flying enemy type in the game, the dreaded Flyfish, this King Salmonid could have some devastating long-ranged attacks that could put your run to an end if your team isn’t paying attention. Not only that, but because the enemy is flying, it may be difficult to hit, unlike Cohozuna, who was a large target that stayed grounded.

Horrorboros will be making its debut in March’s Big Run. This Big Run will start March 3 at 4 PM PT and ends March 5 at the same time. The stage that’s being invaded this time is the Inkblot Art Academy. Just like with the previous Big Run, you will be rewarded with a Horrorboros trophy. The trophy will you get is determined by the highest amount of Golden Eggs you’ve collected in a single shift.

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When it came to the first Big Run, the number of Golden Eggs you needed to get either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold trophy were 88, 113, and 137 or higher respectively. Anyone who got below 55 Golden Eggs received a green trophy of Cohozuna for their participation. Given that, if you’re aiming to get one of the better trophies for this Big Run, you’re going to want to aim to get 60 Golden Eggs or higher.