All boss Salmonid enemy types and weaknesses in Splatoon 3’s Salmon Run

Here come the boss Salmonoids.

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There are multiple boss Salmonid enemies for you to fight in Splatoon 3’s Salmon Run. These bosses appear during each round of a Salmon Run, and you will need to defeat them to receive golden fish eggs. They’re the main reason you’re conducting a Salmon Run first, and you need to collect enough of them each round to reach your quota. Therefore, knowing the bosses you can fight and how to defeat them is key to victory. This guide covers all boss Salmonid enemy types in Splatoon 3’s Salmon Run.

Every boss Salmonoid in Salmon Run and how to defeat them

There are 11 boss Salmonoids you can fight during a Salmon Run.

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Big Shot

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The Big Shot is large, a formidable enemy that you will have to blast away using your weapon. This enemy also spawns with a cannon that will fire cannonballs at you.


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The Drizzler spawns into a location with a massive umbrella protecting it. There will be acid-like rain that appears on the map, and you will need to wait for it to poke its head out from under the umbrella to defeat it.

Fish Stick

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The Fish Stick is a massive tower-like structure that spawns on the map. You will need to shoot the fish flying around at the top to defeat it and then climb up the tower to grab the Golden Eggs they drop.


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The Flipper-Flopper is a dolphin-like boss that fires out a blast of ink at you and then dives into that ring. You don’t want to be anywhere near it when it’s diving down. You can shoot it while it’s in the air to defeat it.


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The Flyfish has two trash cans on both hands, which it uses to unleash attacks on you. You need to wait until these open up to throw grenades into them, defeating it.


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Maws is a massive fish that will jump out of a ring of ink, only with its head, attempting to chomp down on anyone inside of it. Wait until this ink ring appears, move out of it, and fire at Maws when it bites out of the ring.


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Scrapper is a smaller boss, protected entirely by armor at the front. You will need to go around this boss to fire at its back, where the fish is exposed.

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Slammin’ Lid

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Slammin’ Lid is a flying boss that uses a saucer to move around. It fires a forcefield underneath it to protect Salmnoids, and you will want to hit the fish at the top to defeat it.

Steel Eel

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The Steel Eel is a massive contraption with a large Salmon head at the front and fires ink throughout its middle. You will need to find the fish at the end of this line to defeat this foe.


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Steelhead is a massive armored foe that will fire out large bombs from its head. While the bombs are being prepared at its head, shoot at them to defeat the Steelhead.


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The Stinger is a tall foe that will fire out shots from its top. You will need to fire at the many pots underneath it to bring it down to the ground and defeat it.