Square Enix release trailers showcasing four of Live A Live Remake’s stories

A lot of lives to live.


Image via Square Enix

Square Enix has released four brand-new trailers for its upcoming HD-2D Live A Live remake. These short trailers showcase four of the game’s seven stories, giving us a look at The Middle Ages, The Near Future, The Wild West, and Twilight of Edo Japan. All four trailers can be seen below for a taste of what to expect in each portion of the JRPG.

As part of a Japanese livestream ahead of the game’s release date, Square Enix has given everyone a short look at four of Live A Live’s seven stories. Square Enix previously released trailers of both the Prehistory and Imperial China storylines. The stories on show here are set in different time periods from each other, with different settings, gameplay variations, and more. You can watch each of the four trailers below.

The Middle Ages story tasks you (young warrior Oersted) with rescuing princess Alethea and defeating The Lord of Dark. This portion of the game looks to have a more traditional JRPG setting and plot, but it does pop with the lovely HD-2D graphics.

In The Near Future story, you take control of Akira, who has the power to read people’s minds, on a mission to investigate a series of kidnappings by the Crusaders, a notorious biker gang. Plus, this section of the game has a robot turtle as a teammate. What’s not to like about that?

The Wild West puts you in control of the Sundown Kid who’s convinced to take up arms against a gang of deadly outlaws. Honestly, the western theme looks gorgeous here and could be the star of the show.

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The Twilight of Edo Japan puts you in the shoes of ninja Oboromaru, who has decided to “undertake a secret mission to infiltrate an enemy castle.” In this portion of the game, you can use stealth to avoid enemy encounters. There looks to be plenty to get on with when Live A Live releases in the west for the first time this summer.