Starfield Patch 1.7.29 Offers Small Fixes and Mod Support Promises

Starfield Update Version 1.7.29 is a small hotfix for the game, but Bethesda is outlining some big promises with it, such as mod support.

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Starfield’s first update since launch has finally been released. While it doesn’t pack in a lot of actual fixes for the game, acting more as an interim hotfix ahead of a much larger game update, Bethesda does outline some promises for upcoming changes that players have been asking about.

The main question on every player’s mind is about mod support and when it’s coming to the game. We can confirm that it’s not part of Starfield Update Version 1.7.29, but it will be included in a future update that Bethesda is already working hard on.

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Starfield Update Version 1.7.29 Patch Notes Explained

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Below, we’ve explained everything that’s included with Starfield Update Version 1.7.29. Following the small handful of fixes included in this update, we’ve moved on to the promises and news about future updates that Bethesda has confirmed.

Performance and Stability

The following fixes are all related to the stability and performance of Starfield across multiple platforms.

  • A fix for Xbox Series X/S stability linked to installations has been pushed. This may have something to do with the Premium Edition content causing issues for players trying to play the game on Xbox devices.
  • Various fixes and stability improvements have been pushed to all platforms to help reduce crash rates and improve framerates across the board.


All the following fixes relate to quests in Starfield.

  • All That Money Can Buy: An issue where players could block progression in the quest has been fixed.
  • Into the Unknown: An issue causing players not to appear after completing the quest has been fixed.
  • Shadows in Neon: An issue where players could block this quest has now been fixed.

What Will be Included in the Next Starfield Update

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Bethesda has told Starfield fans that it’s working on a select group of features for the next Starfield update. There will be more updates at regular intervals, but we haven’t been given a timeline just yet. The following list is everything the developer is looking to bring to Starfield in future updates.

  • A dedicated eat button for food
  • Nvidia DLSS Support for PC
  • 32:9 Ultrawide Monitor Support for PC
  • An FOV Slider
  • Brightness & Contrast controls
  • An HDR Calibration menu

When Will Starfield Get Mod Support

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Bethesda has confirmed in the official patch notes for Starfield Update Version 1.7.29 that the game will receive mod support in the future. The developer is already working on implementing its built-in mod support (Creations) that will work across all platforms as it does with Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

At the time of writing, Bethesda is looking to launch mod support for Starfield in 2024. However, it knows that the PC community for Bethesda games is very dedicated and already finding ways to mod Starfield without the engine Bethesda will be providing next year.