Steel City Interactive lays out 2023 roadmap for Undisputed as players struggle with frame rate

A look at what’s ahead in Undisputed.

Image via Steel City Interactive

After a lengthy wait, the boxing game Undisputed, aka eSports Boxing Club, is now live on the Steam platform. And just hours after the release of Undisputed’s early access version, developer Steel City Interactive is already looking ahead to the future of the title. In a message on social media, the developers hinted at what’s to come in Undisputed, including new features that will be added throughout the early access.

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On Twitter, the Undisputed team tweeted out the next steps for the early access version of Undisputed. Among the new additions that are set to come this year include new fighters and arenas, gameplay tweaks to ensure competitive balance, custom taunts, and additional punch and move sets.

Additionally, Steel City Interactive plans to roll out the title’s career mode. The mode was not made available on Day 1, as the only available ways of playing were through local games & Prizefights, as well as online competition. In addition to a career mode, users will also be able to create, customize, and share characters that can be used within Undisputed. Added accessibility features are also slated for a 2023 rollout.

As mentioned, today marked the first day of Undisputed’s early access. The early access version will only be available on PC via Steam. The new title is the first simulation boxing game to be released in over a decade, but it does appear that some issues have arisen.

Mainly, one of the more talked about problems on the Undisputed subreddit is the frame rate of the game, particularly on the Steam Deck. Several users have indicated that there have been problems with running a solid 60 FPS, and are instead sitting in the 20s. But that’s to be expected from an early access game, and one would hope that fixes for these technical issues are part of Steel City’s to-do list.