Steer an election while Landslide is free in Hitman 3 this month

Pull off some of the best story mission kills in an iconic location.

hitman 3 landslide free for april in game

Image via Io Interactive

Developer IO Interactive has announced that Landslide is free in Hitman 3 from April 15 until April 25. Those who own the game, or Hitman 3 – Free Starter Pack, can access the mission at no extra cost.

Any trophies, achievements, XP, or unlocks that players earn in the mission while it’s free are theirs to keep permanently. If they purchase the mission, they can pick up their progress from the point they left off.

In the announcement post, it’s also been confirmed that all free content will be highlighted in future Hitman 3 roadmaps. This will give all players an indication of what free content they can try next if they don’t already own Hitman and Hitman 2.

Landslide is set in the iconic location of Sapienza. This is easily the best map in 2016’s Hitman, but it’s been reworked to focus on a concert that’s part of Marco Abiatti’s mayoral election campaign. He’s a wealthy businessman with ties to the mafia. Unfortunately for him, someone has hired Agent 47 to take him down before he can gain any more power and influence.

There are several new story missions to master in this location. One of which sees Abiatti skewered on one of Sapienza’s beautiful church spires. Of course, the mission also provides a brand new opportunity to prove your mastery by completing it with a rank of Silent Assassin.