Steve is being banned from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments following a new glitch discovery

Way to go, Steven.

Image via Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate might not be getting much in the way of updates or adjustments anymore, but it looks as if there might be reason for Nintendo to reassess its popular fighting game again. There’s a bit of new information sprouting up around one of the more overperforming characters in the roster, Minecraft Steve, and new ways to utilize the blocky brawler’s technology have sent the competitive scene into a spiral. It now seems that Steve is being banned indefinitely from Ultimate tournaments until the teams hosting the tournaments can discuss the character’s complicated gimmicks.

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Several major tournaments have already banned Steve from being utilized by competitors. Collision Gaming Series has decided to take him out of future tournament play along with Kansas and Missouri hosts, effective next month. Some competitions are choosing to only ban the technology abuse instead of the entire character, hoping it won’t be performed by players.

The issue in question stems around Steve’s newly discovered technique recently unearthed by players. The character can utilize what is being referred to as “PMLG” to break the rules of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Administering clever use of his block-placing ability, Steve can break out of most hit stuns if executed correctly, including multi-hit attacks. Players have been discussing it for a while and have been wondering how it would be handled by professional competitions.

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It remains to be seen if Steve will be permanently banned from competitive play, but most tournaments are not taking any chances on the matter at the moment. Steve has been considered an S-tier competitor in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster for quite some time now. He has great recovery and punishing combos, and this just adds fuel to an already building fire.