Street Fighter 6 release date may have been leaked through notorious scooper… the PlayStation Store


Image via Capcom

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Street Fighter fans discovered that Street Fighter 6 is available on the PlayStation Store, with the store page for the game revealing a potential release date for the title. Based on the PlayStation Store, Street Fighter 6 will launch on June 2, 2023. The store page also revealed a new key art featuring Luke, the last DLC character for Street Fighter V, who will be significant in Street Fighter 6.

Usually, when the PlayStation Store has a page for a game with a release date, that tends to mean that an official announcement for the release date is imminent. Capcom likely intended to announce the release date for the title during The Game Awards on December 8 and have the game become available to pre-order on digital platforms soon after. However, it seems like Sony got the dates wrong and shared the official store page for the title a day early. At least that’s our speculation, but given the timing of the leak, we expect an official Street Fighter 6 date announcement soon, and The Game Awards make the most sense.

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The leak also reveals that the game will launch in three editions — Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate. All versions of the game will come with one bonus outfit color for six characters, plus Special Titles and Stickers. The Deluxe Edition will come with the Year 1 Character Pass, whereas the Ultimate Edition will come with the Year 1 Ultimate Pass. The Year 1 Character Pass is most likely the first season of DLC characters, while the Year 1 Ultimate Pass is probably the first season DLC plus extras like bonus outfit colors.

Street Fighter 6 is the next entry in the prestige Street Fighter franchise and is reinventing the series. The title will include a new overworld for players to travel and a customizable avatar. The game will include several new characters and many returning veterans, including Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Cammy, and many more.