Street Fighter Duel is the series’ first RPG, but it’s only coming to mobile

Time to duel.

Image via Crunchyroll Games

Capcom is teaming up with Crunchyroll Games to deliver Street Fighter fans the first RPG game in the series, titled Street Fighter: Duel. The prospect of a non-fighting Street Fighter title is enticing, but the RPG will be exclusive to iOS and Android mobile devices. Duel is a 2D game where players can use a character’s abilities by tapping the screen, featuring PvP combat and a card mechanic. Players can form a team of three fighters, consisting of the many iconic characters from the Street Fighter series, to fight through Shadaloo’s army of mech clones.

IGN gave fans their first look at Duel, detailing what the game will include. Players can play the game’s story mode through either real-time RPG combat or auto-battling. Since Duel is a mobile title, the game will have in-app purchases that will allow fighters to level up. Fortunately, players can also level up fighters through normal gameplay, meaning they don’t have to rely on microtransactions. The game is set to star over 40 classic Street Fighter characters at launch, including Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Cammy, Akuma, Guile, Blanka, and Seth.

Players can pre-register for Street Fighter: Duel by finding the game on either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. By pre-registering the title, players will be awarded in-game currencies, an avatar frame, and a character box. The game has certain tiers that players can unlock by pre-registering. The more players that register for the game, and the higher the tier, the more rewards are handed out. There are five tiers, with the highest being over 1 million players.

Duel will not be the only Street Fighter game coming this year, as the fabled Street Fighter VI is set to launch on June 2. The Street Fighter VI launch roster will feature a robust roster of playable characters, starring a mix of iconic characters and brand-new ones.