Tears of the Kingdom Meets Pokemon As Player Summons Rideable Lapras

The latest Tears of the Kingdom crossover is actually Pokémon, and it brings the best of them all to Hyrule.

Image via GAMENIAC YouTube

In Tears of the Kingdom, players have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the game’s Ultrahand feature. From building towering mechas to crafting intricate vehicles, gamers have shown off their imaginative skills within the virtual realm.

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However, the latest creation by YouTuber Gameniac has taken the gaming community by storm. In a stunning display of ingenuity, Gameniac has managed to summon and ride a fully functional Lapras, the beloved Pokémon, in TotK. With their Lapras blueprint in hand, Gameniac fearlessly embarks on an aquatic adventure, gliding across the picturesque lakes of Hyrule.

Tears of the Kingdom Player Creates a Rideable Lapras Blueprint

As shared in the YouTube video by Gameniac, this awe-inspiring Lapras creation is equipped with a shell, a mobile head, and a commendable steering stick, allowing the player to navigate the waters atop this majestic Pokémon. The child-drawn appearance of the head adds an amusing touch to the otherwise realistic game environment.

Tears of the Kingdom has been delighting players for several weeks now, allowing them to tap into their inner inventors and bring their wildest dreams to life. From recreating famous landmarks to torturing innocent forest creatures, the game’s Ultrahand feature has fueled creativity among its passionate fanbase. Gameniac’s rideable Lapras is another testament to the game’s endless entertainment and incredible potential.

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Fans in the comments are just as delighted, with one stating, “Makes me wanna make my own! And the ICE BEAM!” and another adding, “Omg this is glorious”. It is possible fans will continue to push the boundaries in Tears of the Kingdom, bringing creations inspired by other video games and movies to life within the sprawling open world of Hyrule.