Tears Of The Kingdom Player Tried (& Failed) To Go Back To The Future

It’s time to make like a tree and get out of here. A failed DeLorean experiment didn’t end up being the Link to the Past we hoped for.

Riju's Lightning Tears of the Kingdom

Image Via Nintendo

The latest inventor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has donned the lab coat of Doc Brown from Back to the Future as they attempted to create a car and use it to travel back in time. Unfortunately, this experiment didn’t work as planned, as Zonai technology isn’t quite as durable as a DeLorean and could not reach the finish line.

One of the best aspects of Tears of the Kingdom is the ability to create all kinds of interesting machines, ranging from mech suits to cars. Some players have even built a TIE Fighter from Star Wars in Tears of the Kingdom, allowing it to soar across the skies of Hyrule before it crashed to the ground, as Link didn’t have enough battery charge to keep it afloat.

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Tears Of The Kingdom Cannot Handle A DeLorean

Tears of the Kingdom has gone from Star Wars to Back to the Future, thanks to the latest Zonai invention that has appeared online. A Twitter user named Miguel Arguelles has shared a video of their attempt to create the DeLorean to harness the power of lightning in an attempt to travel back in time as they did in Back to the Future.

In this version of Tears of the Kingdom, Link created a car and drove it through a thunderstorm in Hyrule. This was a necessary component in Back to the Future, as lightning provided enough power to the flux capacitor to allow it to travel through time. Unfortunately, Link and his vehicle were not immune to lightning, so Link was instantly killed when the car was struck.

At the very least, the creator did a great job building the DeLorean in Tears of the Kingdom. The most notable aspect of the DeLorean’s design is that the doors lift upward rather than outward, which is possible to recreate in TotK using slabs of rock and the Ultrahand ability, as they can be stuck to the roof of the car.

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The time travel plot might not have worked, but anyone can go back in time by picking up Breath of the Wild, or any other Zelda game, as Tears of the Kingdom takes place at the end of the timeline. They can also recreate this story by booting up Age of Calamity, as the entire premise of that game involved a Guardian named Terrako being sent back in time to prevent the events of Breath of the Wild from happening. All Terrako needs now is Marty McFly’s jacket to complete his look.