The dead rises in new Valheim biome called Ashlands

Raining ashes.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Iron Gate Studios have announced a new biome for Valheim called the Ashlands. As the name suggests, it is a landscape near volcanic activity, and ashes are falling from the skies. This biome will also be the land of the dead, with multiple undead creatures roaming the area. Ashlands will differ from other biomes in the game, as it will be a large chunk of land rather than a small island. Iron Gate has not announced a release date for the Ashlands but promises players that they can expect “fun things” between then and now.

On the Valheim official website, Iron Gate stated that they want to be more transparent with the development process of the Ashlands, a contrast to how secretive the company was with the Mistlands, the previous biome. The blog shows off brand new concept art of enemies for the biome called The Charred and Morgen. The Charred are black skeletons with glowing red stomachs and eyes, while Morgen is a glob of skinless muscles with legs, arms, and skulls in its mouth.

Image via Iron Gate Studios

The blog reminds players about the upcoming Xbox release for the title early this year. Valheim will support crossplay, allowing gamers to play the title online on different hardware. Iron Gate also intends to patch in bug fixes for the Mistlands while adding new clothes for players’ characters. The studio is also working on something called Hildir’s Quest, which includes a new NPC named Hilder and a way for players to restyle their existing hair in the game.

Iron Gate wants to make Valheim more accessible in future updates to get more players to play the game. The studio promises that upcoming updates on Valheim will not take too long and claims that development on Hildir’s Quest will not take away development time on the Ashlands.