The Division 2 Season 11 fix accidentally locks out Ubisoft from updating the game

Season 11 is out of the question until this system has been rebuilt.


Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft developers are scrambling to recover a build generation system for The Division 2, so they can update the game once more. Currently, they do so in any capacity because the system was brought down by an error over the weekend as the team worked toward the release of Season 11. Unsurprisingly, this has now delayed the season’s launch indefinitely.

On February 3, The Division 2’s development team shared the news that while working on the highly-anticipated Season 11, they’d experienced a number of delays in the game’s localization process. As a result, Season 11 and the impending livestream covering it were delayed. The season was due to launch on February 7, and no new release date was given at that time.

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Now, the development team has shared another update in light of a fairly major issue they’re having with the game. On Saturday, February 4, while the team was working on an update that would have resolved the aforementioned localization issue, an error brought down the build generation system for The Division 2. The team explains that they can’t make any updates to the game until this system has been rebuilt.

While “good progress” has been made over the last 96 hours, the team still can’t make any server or client-side updates to the game. This means that Season 10 will end, and nothing will follow for now. In the past, seasons have been extended when a new season was delayed, but due to the inaccessibility this error has brought about, that won’t happen this time around.

At first glance, it might be unclear specifically what a build generation system is. As its name suggests, it’s used to generate new builds or versions of The Division 2. If Ubisoft can’t generate a new build with localization fixes, then it can’t release a new version of the game. A good analogy that helped us understand the situation better, shared by a member of the game’s community, is to imagine The Division 2 as an oven that was built at Ubisoft by someone who has now left the company. The developers responsible for the game are trying to work out how the oven was built so they can make a new version of it that’s better for all the people who own it.

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It’s common to hear about a developer delaying a game or new season for a title like The Division 2 due to a lack of polish or more work being required to get it into a state acceptable to players. It’s rare that a situation like this, when a developer is effectively locked out of its own game, ever happens. Without the ability to update the game, any players that find an exploit in the current build can use it as much as they want until the build generation system is rebuilt.