The Last of Us premiere sets HBO Max on fire as the streaming service crashes

Even the cordyceps saw this coming.

Image via HBO

Shocking absolutely no one, HBO’s television series, The Last of Us, is a big deal that a lot of people were excited for. It is so big, in fact, that many people are struggling to watch the pilot episode because the traffic on HBO Max has caused the streaming service’s servers to have issues. Of course, some people have gotten lucky and watched the hour-and-a-half opening episode without problems, but even hours after the episode launched at 8 PM CT, people on Twitter are still talking about the struggles they are having.

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One of the most reliable websites for seeing if there are server issues just about anywhere is Downdetector. The graph on their site shows the whole story, as the number of people reporting issues instantly spiked dramatically once everyone hopped on to relive the 2013 gaming classic. Of course, the reported server problems are beginning to dwindle after the first wave of viewers got through the whole thing.

Image via Downdetector

Hopefully, when episode two releases next week, HBO Max will have its servers better suited for the influx of people excited to see where Joel and Ellie go next. Given that this series is a retelling of one of the most popular video games of all time from a story front and how critics absolutely loved their time with it, it is unlikely that many people would drop off from week to week.

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This season of The Last of Us is set to run nine episodes long, during which Joel and Ellie (played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey) join together and travel across an apocalyptic version of America full of dangers, both undead and alive. While the first episode definitely sets the tone for what is ahead, you are truly in for a treat if this is your first time experiencing this story.