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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s impending release has fans sharing funny BOTW memories

A link to the past.

While fans wait patiently for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s release in May, they are collectively having a little bit of fun on Twitter. Breath of the Wild contains a world where the player is in charge, and a lot can happen that is not intended, sometimes to hilarious results. Fans have gathered on social media to show off the weirdest and funniest moments that occurred to them in the previous title, and some of them are just plain wacky.

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The collection already has over 1,000 clips to scroll through and each one is more ludicrous than the last. Some players meet with unfortunate accidents, while others just poke fun at their own stupidity in the moment. Obviously, we can’t go through all of them, so it is recommended that you visit the quote tweets if you want to lose a few hours to having a good chuckle. There are some that stand out, however.

One player really wanted to get a scale from Farosh, the giant green serpent dragon that flies over Lake Hylia or the Gerudo Highlands at times. What they didn’t expect was missing the arrow shot and spending an obscene amount of time ricocheting along the dragon’s back like a bouncy ball.

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Another fan just wanted to collect some minerals from a Stone Talus. Taking a hit from this monster is common, but finding yourself careening off the edge of the mountain and falling for what seems like forever is not the intended strategy when facing this enemy. Link bounces and rolls endlessly down the cliff, losing hearts along the way until he almost meets his demise. It’s a clip sure to get a laugh from players.

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Some of the best moments in gaming come out of the unexpected, and the medium can be absolutely hilarious when things go wrong. While dying in Breath of the Wild can be frustrating, it is nice to see these fans coming together to laugh about it and share in their memories.

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