The Pokémon Company is making a sizable donation to Ukraine in the wake of Russian invasion

No frills, just philanthropy.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

The Pokémon Company has joined other voices in the gaming industry calling for peace in Ukraine. Beyond platitudes, it also made a sizable donation to the relief effort for families caught in the crossfire of Russia’s invasion.

Announced on Twitter, The Pokémon Company “is making an immediate donation of $200,000 USD” to GlobalGiving. As the tweet states, this money will go directly toward helping “community-led organizations supporting families and children” in the occupied country. It’s a tangible effort in helping out during a terrible time — you can do the same by visiting GlobalGiving yourself. Considering the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet reveal was almost held back as a result of the war, it’s a classy move by the Pokémon team.

While not every company has made similar donations, many have issued statements and taken what action they can. EA Sports, for example, is removing Russian teams from FIFA 22 and other games. CD Projekt Red, meanwhile, has suspended all GOG games sales in Russia and Belarus in support of Ukraine. Others like Frogwares, The Serpent Rogue, and Vostok Games have expressed their support as well.

One of the most notable developers caught in the crisis is GSC Game World — the makers of Stalker 2 are located in Ukraine. Development has been put on pause for that game so that the studio can focus on the safety of its employees and their families.