The real magic of Hogwarts Legacy is not spells, but veggies

A cabbage a day keeps the troll away.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Hogwarts Legacy has welcomed us, a bunch of simplistic muggles, into a fantastical world of magic. We don’t doubt you’re making your way through the Wizarding World, collecting the best of spells, and looking like an absolute clown with your mismatched outfit. However, one thing many of us wandering around the Scottish castle don’t know is that the game’s most potent weapon is a cabbage. Yes, we didn’t get that word wrong. It sounds ridiculous, but maybe we should leave our wands at home and go into combat with a Chinese Chomping Cabbage.

They really were not kidding when they said vegetables are good for you. Still, it doesn’t compare to how profitable they are in the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy. The Chinese Chomping Cabbage, a plant you get very early in the game, holds way more power than you might expect. Most players barely use the inventory of potions and plants for combat. However, YouTuber CumboJumbo and his memeable love for the Chinese Chomping Cabbage proves them wrong.

This YouTube user has committed to uploading videos of himself fighting various enemies using only the Chinese Chomping Cabbage. He does not cast any spells. Instead, he stays invisible using Disillusionment and throws a single Chinese Chomping Cabbage. He has upgraded it to the max, so just by throwing one, he can deal a ton of damage.

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In this video, he throws it at a troll and finishes him off in a matter of seconds without casting a single spell. He just throws a Chinese Chomping Cabbage in the troll’s direction and waits. The potential of plants in this game is unparalleled, so you should stop underestimating your botanical tables. Get out there and start farming ingredients and plants, such as Cabbages or Mandrakes, to use as weapons.