Troy Baker Says He Would “Love To Come Back” To Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3

In an interview with Only Single Player at Supanova Comic Con & Gaming, Troy Baker has revealed he has a different take on how his lack of involvement with Borderlands 3 played out. “I said I would love to come back,” Baker started. “They [Gearbox Software] said I’m not coming back.”

The story around his lack of involvement in the projects stems from comments Baker initially made after seeing a character he voiced, Rhys, appear in the Borderlands 3 trailer. Baker said he felt that Gearbox should continue to work with the original voice actors from the Tales from the Borderlands game if they were going to include those characters in Borderlands 3, and not recast them for no real reason.

The comment about wanting to return to the game stems from a tweet made by Randy Pitchford, where he stated that the audio director had told him that Troy Baker turned the role down. This appears not actually to be the case.

It doesn’t really clear up the situation all the much, and it is unlikely that this disagreement over timelines will turn into a major spat. Baker is a highly respected voice actor who has done a huge amount of work in the games industry, so it would be surprising to see him say anything more than just stating that yes, he would love to come back to Borderlands. On the one hand, we have the developer saying the talent turned down the roll, while the talent is implying that they were never actually asked to return.

We will keep you updated if anything else comes to light.