Turning Off Remnant 2 Subtitles Renders NPC Incapable Of Communication

Players are enjoying the addictive multiplayer shooter by Gunfire Games, but there seem to be issues with NPC conversations.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Remnant 2 has officially been released today to much acclaim. The cooperative multiplayer shooter features intense action, truckloads of weapons, and crazy enemy encounters at every turn. This sequel is shaping up to be a worthy successor to the 2019 release.

Unfortunately, a minor oversight has rendered one NPC completely helpless when turning off subtitles. Some players don’t want distracting text to clutter their screens when exploring Remnant 2’s unforgivng wasteland, but that makes it impossible to communincate with Whisper, the armor merchant.

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No one can hear you scream in Remnant 2

According to Reddit user BJgobbleDix, after they had turned off the game’s subtitles and interacted with Whisper, they had no idea what he was trying to say. Whisper is usually a silent NPC who communicates via writing on a chalk board, but his illegible handwriting left players speechless. This shows that the only way players can tell what Whisper is saying is if they have subtitles enables.

Embed via r/remnantgame

Many players felt bad about the situation, as Whisper has quickly become a fan-favorite character. While it likely would have taken more resources than what’s reasonable, some players advocated for Whisper to actually write what he’s saying on the board he holds up.

Hopefully, Gunfire Games can come up with a solution soon, because the game is a delight to play. All things considered, past releases like Fallout 76 and Cyberpunk 2077 are the benchmark for bad releases, so issues like these are much more manageable for us gamers.

The gaming market is heating up with big releases on the horizon, so smaller games are feeling the pressure to tighten up before release. No game in the modern day can be released completely bug-free, but major game-breaking bugs are becoming a more common issue.

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Gearbox is a reputable company with many hits, so hopefully they continue producing the quality content players come to expect by giving Whisper a way to communicate, even without subtitles. Nimue willing, this will be the most egregious issue that’ll get in the way of the player’s enjoyment.