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Twitch Ad jumps the gun on Resident Evil 4 Remake demo announcement

Spoiler alert.

The release date of Resident Evil 4 Remake’s demo has unfortunately been revealed early, but the source of the leak is one that fans might not have expected. According to a few unassuming Twitch viewers, the premature announcement apparently came in the form of an ad, which the streaming site periodically plays while a content creator is on air.

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This latest incident also doesn’t seem to be an isolated one, as many others were similarly able to get a good look at the clip in question. According to a handful of comments from the lucky few who watched it, the ad was allegedly “just a shortened version of the last trailer,” which had Leon mainly talking to Ashley all throughout.

However, the main difference this time came toward the end of the snippet, which displayed the words that fans of the revamped title had been waiting for — “Demo Available Now” was plastered on the screen during the video’s conclusion, which naturally confused those that were watching since the demo isn’t actually playable yet.

This minor mishap has the community convinced that this trailer was initially supposed to be shown at the March 2023 Capcom Showcase. Even before this untimely streaming fiasco, fans had already been theorizing that the well-known video game company would use its high-profile event to announce the availability of the game’s demo on multiple consoles.

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Now that the announcement has been leaked, most of the people that tune into the showcase may no longer be surprised at what they’re shown. The excitement surrounding Resident Evil 4 Remake should immediately help everyone forget about this tragic spoiler.

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