Destiny 2 Twitch streamer cries after generous sub stream

Destiny 2

After a 29 hour long Destiny 2 stream, a streamer found himself near tears after his chat generously gifts subscriptions.

Streamers rely on their subscribers. In turn, subscribers thrive on content from streamers. The ever-expanding audience adds to the streamer’s success.

A Destiny 2 streamer found his loyal fanbase gifting him subs after a lengthy stream. The generosity from his subscribers moved the streamer to near tears.

Sean “Gladd” is a Destiny 2 streamer from Colorado. Gladd was in the process of a 29-hour long stream, according to a Reddit thread on the subject. At the time, Gladd began the second half of his long stream with the subscriber counter at zero. It slowly increased over time as loyal subs gifted more and more. After several of his fans donated five, ten, and 20 subs to other viewers in rapid succession, breaking a personal record, Gladd found his eyes watering.

The streamer even comments that he doesn’t know why his eyes are doing this. The entire clip is wholesome and sweet. The streamer, at the time, was working on helping players figure out a puzzle in Destiny 2. He hadn’t progressed very far as he kept finding himself sidetracked with the chat’s antics.

Gladd’s new streams have been aimed at donating towards the Australian wildfires. According to a comment on Reddit, he gave “777.77 dollars to WIRES” for Australia. His subscriber count is well over 20 thousand now thanks in part to his streams and donations.