Twitter wonders if Rihanna is a new challenger in Super Smash Bros. after uncanny Super Bowl stage reveal

Her smash attacks would steal the show!

Image via HAL Laboratory

Super Bowl Sunday might be winding down, but that does not mean Twitter is done for the night. Those keeping up with the yearly event will likely know that the halftime show featured the queen herself, Rihanna. Unsurprisingly, RiRi nailed it, but gamers quickly pointed out that her stage reveal was incredibly familiar. Rihanna’s performance took place on several moving stages that could have been straight out of Super Smash Brothers, and the internet wouldn’t be the internet if Twitter didn’t have a field day with it.

Rihanna descended from the highest platform to start the show, and the camera view for the audience showcased what could only be described as the “Super Bowl Battlefield Stage.” Fans were quick to point it out, laughing on Twitter at this being a hint that the singer would be showing up as a playable character complete with the stage in a future DLC.

Stranger things have happened in Super Smash Bros. — the developers did put Steve from Minecraft into Smash, after all. Now that this incredibly likely leak has taken off on the internet, the natural thing to do would be to discuss her playstyle. Neutral B would have to involve Rihanna absolutely killing it on the microphone with one of her hit singles. You also wouldn’t want to get in the way of her forward smash attack if you didn’t have her money.

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Obviously, Rihanna would use an umbrella to return to the stage and taunt other characters to shut up and drive. A good thought for her Final Smash is the screen being filled with her army of amazing backup dancers from the performance. The options are limitless, and Nintendo must listen now that Twitter has spoken. Maybe Masahiro Sakurai will come out of semi-retirement just to meet this moment.