Warframe celebrates Valentine’s Day with the Citrine’s Last Wish update, adding a new Warframe and a buggy skin

A sweet surprise for eager Tenno.

image via Digital Extremes

The team at Digital Extremes has provided a special Valentine’s Day gift to the Warframe community, with a surprise release date reveal for its first significant update of the year, Citrines Last Wish.

During the January Devstream, Citrines Last Wish was announced and shown to eager players anticipating news on the long-awaited Duviri Paradox expansion. While the Duviri Paradox expansion missed its planned reveal, Citrines Last Wish would be preceding Duviri Paradox’s planned early 2023 release date. This update stars a new Warframe named Citrine, a pair of signature weapons, and a variant of one of Warframes oldest modes.

Citrines Last Wish will launch on February 15 for all platforms and features extensive quality-of-life changes coming to the core game. A new mission node called Tyana Pass is heading to Mars, which features a variant of Defense called Mirror Defense. This revamped mode will also be the primary source of Citrine and her signature weapons. One of her signature weapons is a massive two-handed scythe that can turn into a cannon when its heavy attack is used. Citrine and her weapons can also be purchased for Platinum in a new collection featuring new cosmetics.

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Citrines Last Wish features a new deluxe skin for one of the Warframe’s oldest characters, Rhino. The Deathwatch skin turns Rhino into a crimson beetle with wings and mandible appendages attached to his armor. Tattoos are also coming in the form of Drifter Visage Ink. This customization item for your Drifter allows players to give their character some ink.

In addition to Citrines Last Wish, Digital Extremes has a slew of upcoming content coming to Warframe as part of its tenth anniversary, which lands on March 25. The forthcoming February Devstream is slated to feature a deep dive into the Duviri Paradox expansion, with an extended look at its open world and gameplay concepts.