Why are the Apex Legends servers down and having connection issues?

Apex Legends servers are down due to connection issues.

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Apex Legends pits you against multiple players in battle royale experience, and the game is exclusively played through an online medium. Because the game relies for you to remain online, you can expect Apex Legends to have connectivity issues, and sometimes those issues won’t allow you to jump online. It could be on your side, or developer Respawn Entertainment could have problems with the servers being down.

Every Tuesday at 1:00pm EST, Apex Legends goes down to allow Repsawn the chance to do a series of maintenance fixes for the game. Tuesday is the reset for the game, allowing players to start over their weekly challenges, start new events, and a new update usually releases alongside this fix.

Respawn is aware of this issue right now. They released a statement on their Twitter page regarding the problem and have notified players they are working on attempting to correct the issue. Right now, they have not shared what happened, or where the problem originated, but it did occur after they took the servers down to perform its weekly maintenance.

There’s no set downtime for the servers, but players can expect to receive additional information if Respawn requires additional time to work on them. Everything is on Respawn’s side, so players need to sit tight to wait for the game to return.