WoW Dracthyr Players Hyped for Upcoming Soar Changes in Patch 10.2.5

Dracthyr players will soon be able to take to the skies with all the Dragonriding flair included.


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Wow’s next patch will come with some great new features and additions, including a much-requested feature for the Dracthyr race. Soon, the dragon humanoid race introduced in Dragonflgith will be able to take full advantage of their wings and use the full capabilities of Dragonriding without the mount.

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Dracthyr Will Soon Be Able To Take To The Skies With Dragonriding Abilities

The next major patch for World of Warcraft, titled Seeds of Renewal, is currently making its way through the Public Test Realm (PTR) for, you guessed it, testing. Now, Thanks to some development notes released over on the Blizzard forums, we know some more insight into changes and additions coming in Patch 10.2.5, with one particular standout being changes to the Dracthyr, the humanoid dragon race introduced in Dragonflight.

The notes detail that Dracthyr will be getting a new passive ability titled Empowered Soaring, which will now make their racial ability Soar equivalent to Dragonriding. This means that all the Vigor, abilities, and mechanics of Dragonriding will now apply to Soar, allowing the dragon race to fly using all the same tools as riding. In addition, Soar will now have a ten-second cooldown rather than its lengthy 5 minutes, and in exchange for this, the Familiar Skies racial ability is being removed.

An X user named KarazaaCodes, who works as a senior gameplay software engineer, also made mention of this upcoming feature in a post early this month, though at the time, the patch had not been formally announced. In response to this news, many fans were thankful and excited to see this addition make its way into the game, especially considering that many have been hoping for this feature since the race introduction.

That said, it seems the feature has some growing pains over on the PTR, with a post detailing some of the issues players have encountered, including loss of momentum changing zones and issues skimming the ground that causes you to stop accidentally. Of course, we imagine these will be addressed before the patch officially goes live.

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This is just one of the new features we will see coming in patch 10.2.5, as it will also bring Dragonriding to the Old World and content and features to the game. Though it does not have a definite release date, it shouldn’t be too long before players, including the Dracthyr, can take advantage of this addition as they explore the World of Warcraft.