WWE 2K22 adds playable MyRise characters as part of latest update

The game got some significant new additions.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

The latest update for WWE 2K22 has arrived, thanks to a patch that 2K and Visual Concepts rolled out today. The patch comes with some general fixes, but it includes one other interesting addition. Visual Concepts has added characters that were previously only seen in the game’s MyRise mode and made those playable throughout the title’s other game modes.

Prior to this update, some characters in WWE 2K22 were not available at the start of the game. This included legends like Rob Van Dam, Rikishi, and current wrestlers like Omos and Indi Hartwell. However, those will be added via DLC packs that will go live throughout the year. Some MyRise-exclusive wrestlers, though, were major unknowns.

WWE 2K22’s MyRise mode features multiple wrestlers that had different personas than the ones that they currently portray on WWE programming. These included Dominic Dijakovic (currently known as T-Bar), Nikki Cross (Nikki A.S.H.), and “The Goddess” version of Alexa Bliss. While one could face these wrestlers in MyRise, there was no way — outside of downloading them from Community Creations thanks to savvy community members — to unlock any of these and use these characters in WWE 2K22.

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That has changed, thanks to this update. Bliss, Cross, Dijakovic, along with MyRise Shawn Michaels, King Corbin, and King Booker are among the new playable wrestlers included in the roster section in WWE 2K22. Users will now have the option to add these wrestlers in Universe mode and compete with them in online and offline matches.

We should note that these are not the only wrestlers to be added to the WWE 2K22 roster this week. The Most Wanted Pack, featuring Indi Hartwell, Vader, The Boogeyman, Ilja Dragunov, and Cactus Jack, goes live on May 17. This is the second of five DLC packs for WWE 2K22. Additionally, the latest patch adds several new Signature and Finisher moves to the move database.