Xbox tweeted out potential news about Fable before promptly deleting it



Image via Microsoft

Not much info has been revealed about Playground Games’ upcoming new Fable game since it was announced in 2020. The only info revealed about the game was a teaser trailer and that it is being developed for the Xbox Series X and PC.

Fans of the series were given some hopeful news recently when the Xbox Game Studios Publishing Twitter account posted some interesting worded tweets. The tweets claimed some special news will be revealed for the following day. The first tweet posted had this written, “[w]e’re excited to kick off something special tomorrow! (Just give us one more day to prepare the chickens.)”

Already fans were suspecting the tweet was about Fable since the franchise is known for the Chicken Kicking Competition, which was a feature at one point in the games. The second tweet specifically mentions Fable, all but confirming to fans that a Fable announcement was imminent. The second tweet read, “[w]e’d call it our Fable Anniversary, but that name was already taken.”

The next day came and there was no new Fable information was revealed. Instead, both tweets were deleted, and the Xbox account tweeted out an apology. The tweet claims there will be no big news, and that there will be no info about the upcoming Fable game.