You can dress up like a unicorn to slay demons in Doom Eternal

Among other customizable outfits in single player and multiplayer.

Doom Eternal

Image via Bethesda

Multiplayer games often allow players to customize their character for battle, but id Software is about to go one better and allow players to personalize their Doom Slayer across single-player too, as they announced that skins and customizable layers are coming to Doom Eternal.

The new feature, announced in a short trailer, shows the Doom Slayer in a number of fetching outfits you can use to customize your experience with the game, including a number of ripped and torn clothes, as well as more exotic pieces. The trailer included one such example with the DOOMicorn outfit, turning your brute into a fabulous, horned murdering machine.

The trailer also confirmed that you are able to take the outfits across the game, including both the single-player campaign and into multiplayer. You can also use them for Photo Mode, meaning you can snap fresh shots of your character as you go on a blood-fueled rampage. 

The developers have previously confirmed that the game will contain no microtransactions for the game in any form, with all content unlockable with progression. This means that the outfits are likely to be unlockable through certain achievements, such as multiplayer progression or completing the game on a certain difficulty. 

The exclusive DOOMicorn outfit is also available for all players who have Twitch Prime and link their Twitch accounts to their accounts between March 20 and April 21, available to use when the sequel to 2017’s Doom launches on March 20.