Zacian wears a suit amid boss rush event coming to Pokémon Unite

Slashing its way to victory.

Image via Official Pokémon Youtube Channel

During the February Pokémon Presents, The Pokémon Company revealed what is in store for Pokémon Unite. Zacian is joining the fray with its unique sword attacks. Several new events are also in the lineup, including a boss rush mode and Adventure in Zacian’s Wield event. Players can dive in now to partake in the fun and unlock all the new content.

Zacian’s Unite Move is called Sovereign Sword, which can cut a broad area with a slash attack. It can also charge its sword with energy to unleash a stronger attack, overwhelming opponents. Zacian also comes with an entirely ridiculous, yet adorable, Holowear complete with a top hat, dress shoes, and custom-tailored suit.

Image via Official Pokémon Youtube Channel

Furthermore, the Adventure in Zacian’s Wield event is now live. There are several rewards to earn throughout the duration of the event through completing missions. You can also obtain Zacian’s Unite License during it, which will be great for the new Boss Rush event where players work together to fight off powerful Pokémon to earn unique rewards

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To celebrate Pokémon Day, fans can utilize the code POKEMONDAY to get a free gold Zacian boost emblem for useful effects in battle. It will be redeemable until Sunday, March 26. Furthermore, there will be an invitation-only league to decide the game’s Asia region champions which will be streamed on March 18 and 19.

Pokémon Day presented trainers will a ton of other new information, including additional side game reveals. Pokémon Sleep has finally woken up with some more news, and Pokémon go is getting new monsters as well.