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Zelda Voice Actor Clarifies Statement About Romantic Relationship With Link in Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda might not be in love with Link after all.

Princess Zelda’s voice actor from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has set the record straight regarding a quote she made in a recent interview, which outlets claimed implied that Link and Zelda were in a romantic relationship in the game. The Legend of Zelda series has featured numerous iterations of Link and Zelda, who lived in different eras and had unique interpersonal dynamics, some of which could be interpreted as romantic.

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In Breath of the Wild, there were far more romantic undertones between Link and Zelda than in other entries in the series. This was partly because Zelda’s character and backstory are much more integral to the story than before, with many previous Legend of Zelda games slotting her into a Damsel in Distress role and not exploring her personality. Breath of the Wild also gave Zelda a voice actor, with Patricia Summersett taking on the role, adding much more emotional weight to her dialogue.

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Princess Zelda’s Voice Actor From Tears In The Kingdom Clarifies Comments About Link X Zelda Romance

The highly-successful launch of Tears of the Kingdom led to Summersett being interviewed by various outlets, including The Gamer. This caused a quote she made about the relationship between Link and Zelda to be misconstrued as implying that they were involved romantically. Summersett has gone to social media to clarify that the term relationship is open to interpretation and doesn’t strictly apply to romance, with fans free to decide the nature of Link and Zelda’s connection to each other.

Summersett also pointed out that determining the nature of said relationship is not up to her. While it’s true that actors are sometimes given a deeper look at a character’s history than what’s shown in the finished work, it’s ultimately down to the media itself to tell the story and for the viewer to determine their own meaning.

Several outlets reported on the interview, with headlines claiming that Zelda’s voice actor had confirmed that her character and Link were in a romantic relationship. This was due to writers taking the term relationship to mean romantic, which is something that could be the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions a relationship between two people. So, it’s easy to see why some outlets jumped on this quote, and a few have already updated their stories based on Summersett’s clarification.

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The Legend of Zelda series has never been about in-depth looks at characters, nor are interpersonal relationships the crux of the experience. The series’ relative lack of character development also gives the fans a lot more leeway to flesh out the cast’s personalities, making it easy to interpret different emotional responses from the heroes and everyone they meet. In the case of Tears of the Kingdom (and Breath of the Wild before it), it’s easy to imagine Link and Zelda being romantically involved, but that level of connection hasn’t been confirmed by any one individual involved in their production.

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