Tears of the Kingdom – How to get The Depths Armor & Dark Armor Sets

The Depths is home to two of Tears of the Kingdom’s best armor sets, and here is how to get The Depths armor & The Dark armor.

tears of the kingdom depth dark armor

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The Depths are an ominous, unsettling wasteland filled with life-sucking Upheaval – starkly contrasting the light and beautiful Sky Islands. However, some of the best loot and most interesting tidbits of lore can only be found by exploring The Depths of Hyrule.

Tears of the Kingdom’s Depths Armor Set combines both lore and loot. To unlock this tattered-yet-helpful armor set, players must locate all seven Bargainer Statues. Each Statue has its own inventory containing different armor pieces, and locating all seven will unlock the full Depths set.

How to get the Depths Armor Set in TotK

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Players will need to visit all seven Bargainer Statues to unlock both the Depths Armor and the Dark Armor. There are six statues located inside the Depths, while the seventh, much smaller, statue is located at Lookout Landing just south of Hyrule Castle.

Oddly enough, the Bargainer Statues don’t have a set inventory per location. Instead, they offer different Armor Pieces from both sets as more Bargainer Statues are discovered. Here is when each piece of The Depths armor is unlocked and how much they cost.

  • Tunic of the Depths – Third Statue for 150 Poes
  • Gaiters of the Depths – Fifth Statue for 200 Poes
  • Hood of the Depths – Seventh Statue for 300 Poes

Once all seven statues are found, the Depths Armor can be purchased from the Bargainer Statue in Lookout Landing.

The Depths armor protects players from the life-stealing effects of Gloom. Each piece offers hearts that act as a shield to the Gloom, and they replenish as long as the player stays outside the Gloom. Players can upgrade The Depths set at Great Fairy Fountains using Deep Fireflies.

How to get the Dark Armor set in Tears of the Kingdom

Unlocking the Dark Armor set is the same premise as The Depths armor. Players will need to locate each Bargainer Statue to unlock the next piece in the set, which will then need to be purchased from the statue using Poes.

Here is when each piece of the Dark Armor is unlocked and how much they cost:

  • Dark Tunic – Second Statue for 150 Poes
  • Dark Trousers – Fourth Statue for 200 Poes
  • Dark Hood – Sixth Statue for 300 Poes

The Dark Armor can’t be upgraded, but it does give players a speed boost when all three pieces of the set are worn at night.

All Bargainer Statue Locations in The Depths

The location of each Bargainer Statue is marked on the map below. However, just visiting each location isn’t enough to unlock each one, as some require quests to locate.

Tears of the Kingdom Depths Armor Location Map
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