The Dead Space remake has gone gold, developers detail new features for scaring the crap out of you

The wait is nearly over, and the Necromorphs are hungry.

Image via EA

The Dead Space remake has officially gone gold, signaling the return of the iconic space horror game originally released in 2008. The developers behind the remake, Motive Studio, have been hard at work making this experience similar but significantly different from when the game originally came out years ago. Not only is Motive giving it a massive graphical overhaul, but one of the key features it’s adding to the game is the “Intensity Director.” It is a program designed to keep a player’s stress levels high, and no two playthroughs will be the same.

The Motive Studio team tweeted that the game had gone gold on its official page. Any last-minute delays won’t be something players have to fear, and fans can expect to jump into this terror-filled remake on January 27, 2023.

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Yesterday, the team at Motive Studios created a blog post detailing how players will have to deal with multiple scares and fears while playing the Dead Space Remake. This will come from the aforementioned Intensity Director, a background program that creates unique and customized scenarios players have to deal with as they play the game. It augments the game’s various background lights, sounds, and visuals and spawns enemies based on the player’s current stress.

Because the USG Ishimura is in a massive state of disrepair, the hope is to make it feel as if the lights could go out at any second, and based on what’s happened in previous encounters, they could drop at a moment’s notice. For example, players may enter a room with little-to-nothing happening at all, with only flicking lights and small sounds echoing from the pained ship. But the next room might explode with an enemy jumping out of a vent, all while the lights are off and fog is everywhere.

The Intensity Director is quietly taking notes of each encounter a player goes through, randomly generating these fights to make the experience feel fresh for everyone who goes through the Dead Space Remake. The experience changes each time, meaning no one is safe as they explore the broken halls of The USG Ishimura. The core encounters might remain the same, but the intensity never lets up, never going easy on any player with plenty of thrills hiding behind each corridor.