How to do the free jump pad Easter egg on Firebase Z in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

You may get sky high, but don’t get caught with your head in the clouds.

Zombie Easter eggs in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War can range from very straightforward and easy to pull off to requiring players to pay attention to the most specific details to complete. On the Firebase Z map, a new secret has been found with the jump pads positioned around the map. You need to make use of them in a way you would not normally expect. Here is how to make the jump pads in Firebase Z free.

Before we get to the steps, while this Easter egg is possible to pull off in a solo game, it is so much easier when you have a teammate to hold a zombie for you.

Turn on power

Before you can do anything with the jump pads, you need to activate each Aetherium generator and turn on the power in all three spots.

Use each jump pad

When all three power locations are on, you need to use each jump pad at least one time. There are six jump pads on the map, each costing 500 points to use, so you need 3,000 points in total. When used, you will be flung across the map to the linked landing pad. The jump pads reside in each of the three main sections of the firebase and can be found in the screenshots below.

Mission Control

Data Center/Rocky Defense

Jungle Defense

Shoot button and dance

Once all jump pads have been used, one of the consoles will have a green button light up. You need to shoot that button, which will start a Dance Dance Revolution-like mini-game. You need to quickly move along with the arrows that appear on the screen without stepping off the pad.

The game is very particular with how you do this, and it will take a lot of practice. If you don’t move enough, it won’t recognize your input. Move too much and you either walk off the pad or can be stuck against the rail and not be able to make the next move. Make one wrong move or step off the pad, and you will fail the mini-game and cannot try again until the next round. Succeed in the mini-game, and you will be flung across the map for free.

After being shot through the air, you need to find the next console with the lit-up button and repeat the process again. Shoot it, and the next sequence will begin. Don’t worry about leaving the area you arrive in; the next pad will always be in the section you were sent, so you have two pads to choose from that will have the button light on.

You need to complete the dance mini-game for all six jump pads without failing in a round. Luckily, each pad has a specific sequence that will remain the same every time you attempt it on that pad. To be prepared for what sequence you will get at each spot, check out the map below made by Glitching Queen, the first person to find this Easter egg.

Image via Glitching Queen

Complete all six jump pads correctly and you will notice when you step on one, they now cost zero points to activate. This effect will remain for the rest of the game you are currently in but will need to be done again the next time you load up the map.

With the regular price of jump pads being 500 points and never increasing, we fail to see how this Easter egg is necessarily worth the headache, but it certainly is a unique process.