How to get Alomomola in Pokémon Go

Here’s what you need to know about capturing Alomomola in Pokémon Go

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Background via Niantic, Alomomola via the Pokémon Company from Bulbapedia

When new Pokémon arrive in Pokémon Go, it can feel like a race to try and capture the best one possible to add it to your collection. Sometimes they stick around for everyone to obtain, and other times, developer Niantic makes Pokémon exclusive treats for those who want to add to their Pokémon collection. The latest Pokémon making its debut in the game is Alomomola, which is releasing alongside Pokémon Go’s 2020 Valentine’s Day Celebration.

Alomomola is a Water-type Pokémon, which makes it weak to Grass and Lightning-type attacks. It does not evolve into any other Pokémon, so when you capture it you don’t need to think about attempting to evolve it with more Candy or trying to find an evolution stone to make it stronger.

The chance to capture Alomomola is going to happen during the 2020 Valentine’s Day Celebration event, which occurs from Feb. 14 at 8:00am to Feb. 17 at 10:00pm in your local time. During the event, pink Pokémon are going to have increased chances to show up, with Alomomola and Audino making their debut. However, Alomomola and Audino are going to be extremely difficult to encounter, and every trainer in the game needs to rely on their luck to encounter these two new Pokémon.

A great way to increase your chances is to use lure modules. Typically, they only work for half an hour, but during the event, they’re going to last for six hours. You may want to stock up on them from the game’s shop and wait to use them during the event. Doing this does not guarantee you are going to have them drop by your location, but it doesn’t hurt to increase your chances. Plus, you may find some great pink Pokémon are more than happy to stop by.

Catching Alomomola is this matter won’t last forever, though, and we don’t know if Alomomola will remain available following the Valentine’s event. If Alomomola does stick around, they might be a rare Pokémon to encounter in the wild, or they could be available in specific 10-kilometer or seven-kilometer eggs. But for now, keep your eyes open to seeing them from Feb. 14 to 17 during the event, and plan out a workable strategy to capturing them during the festivities.