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Moving Out 2 Review: Unpacking Laughs, Teamwork and Ragequits

Moving Out 2 strips away the tedium of moving and serves up pure multiplayer chaos.

Who likes moving? It’s boring, dirty, stressful, and tiring. So how can a real-world activity that’s so mundane give rise to such a fun, special, and entertaining video game? Team17 and SMG Studio have collaborated yet again, producing one of the zaniest, magical party games: Moving Out 2.

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This is a unique sequel to a beloved indie hit that invites us once more to shimmy boxes, prized junk, and nicknacks from point A to point B with grace and flair. Unless your so-called relocation technician co-worker gets a bit too carried away with the game’s slapping mechanic.

Key Details

  • Developer: SMG Studio
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.
  • Price: $29.99
  • Release Date: Aug 15, 2023

A Silly Story Stitches Moving Out 2’s Playful Absurdity

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Despite your efforts, your characters are still the ultimate klutzes gone certified. They are hired into Smooth Moves, a top-tier moving crew with a slick technique for handling stuff and setting up furniture, dubbed the Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician, aka F.A.R.T. Flatulence jokes never fail.

You’re back on a mission to help the residents of Packmore, and some new inter-dimensional fellows, move in and out of their homesWhether it’s a race against time or a pursuit of top-notch service, you’re set. Now, the premise might not sound like a thrill, but trust me, once the game kicks off and unravels its mechanics; its irresistible charm is sure to hook you.

The Physics Play Hard to Get

Get a bird’s-eye view of the houses, customize your character, and dive headfirst into this brand-new gem cooked up by the masterminds behind Worms and The Escapists. Their goal? Serve up a smashing good time with a dash of innovation. Amidst frustrations from shaky maneuvers and specific mechanisms not quite hitting the mark, the truth is, you’re having fun.

The first few houses will help you grab the ropes. The tutorial areas hold your hand and let you nail down its straightforward controls – find, grab, move, and drop. Oh, and slap, you’ll be doing a lot of that.

For every moving gig, the company hands you a checklist of must-grab items to snatch up and load onto the truck for the extensive haul. At first, these checklists are a breeze, no sweat to recall or put together. But things will start to tangle up as you move along. Don’t worry; there is no need for memory gymnastics — the game tags these crucial items. 

Each crib’s a world of its own, and every scenario is its own funky puzzle. You’ll be hauling everything from the usual suspects like tables, chairs, sofas, and beds to unplugging power-hogging beasts like fridges and TVs. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg — it’s a parade of ever-increasing crazier, trickier, and wackier items that need relocating.

Endless Ingenuity Behind Wacky Level Design

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Anyone can wrap their heads around the game’s concept idea, master its jargon, and plunge into a teamwork-packed adventure spanning several levels, which is the authentic charm of Moving Out 2’s entertainment value. These ingeniously crafted levels burst with endless potential for fun.

The game constantly seeks to surprise you. You might be clearing out a house, a farm, or a futuristic mansion. Right in the thick of things, you’re zipping to and fro, handling the company’s truck, and spicing up the streets and spots you cruise through with a bit more wild commotion.

What’s seriously cool is that each level is its own wild ride, keeping things exciting and forward-moving. Just when you’re cruising, a fresh twist jumps in. It’s not just about tossing sofas onto a truck bed. On one level, sneaky bots show up, sending you and the furniture in free fall. This other particularly frustrating level has the moving cargo wander off just as you tackle that moving mission.

Once you pinpoint these targets and kick off the hauling, you’ll uncover some cleverly crafted residences, grand mansions, and situations with secret paths or quick tricks to up our efficiency game. Shifting stuff in a cozy two-bedroom home isn’t a match for tackling a sprawling three-story mansion boasting multiple dining spaces and a sprawling forest stretch.

Moving Out 2 has a ticking timer that dishes out rewards and ranks based on how swiftly you move – it’s not about cheating, but definitely about being an efficient transporter. You’ll pick up nifty strategies, from tossing stuff out windows to recklessly flinging open doors. And it doesn’t matter because the client has signed a waiver, as the owner says. The game’s name is nailing that task, no matter the chaos.

Completing bonus challenges amps up the excitement and unlocks a bag of goodies. These scenarios are unique and brimming with creativity, leaving no room for dull moments. No room for dull moments or reruns in these unique scenarios, brimming with creativity. They’re packed with hidden treasures, achievements, and extra missions that pump up the replay factor. 

Let the Mayhem Ooze Through the Screen

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While playing alone is possible, and there’s even an assisted mode that lightens the weight of objects, the real Moving Out 2 magic comes alive in its local co-op mode. Here’s where the fun amps up and the bonds tighten. It’s also where the mayhem starts seeping through the TV and into my family home. I can’t tell you how many playing sessions ended arguments because “I SAID ON THE COUNT OF THREE.” 

Since the game’s all about physics-fueled fun, teaming up with buddies is a must. Six or eight hands are better than two, and storming a house to wrangle a huge arcade or a king-sized bed is a total blast. Everything becomes much more fun with multiple players, as particular objects demand coordination and cooperation. 

When you picture moving, your mind conjures up a riot of ridiculous scenarios, witty chatter, wacky schemes to shift stuff around, and a healthy dose of laughter, groans, and “oh no’s.” Now, Moving Out 2 seizes these real-world escapades and recreates them virtually with a scary pinch of accuracy. The game stops sounding all that outlandish when the person playing next to you says to throw the TV out of the second floor’s window, “just like we used to do.”

Coordinated maneuvers become absurd, and you’ll be itching to put your own twist on things. What looked like a breeze at first turns into a test of focus and commitment, even if a dash of mayhem looms on the horizon.

Funny Humor and Dialogue, For Those Who Read It

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Before every gig, colleagues kickstart the fun with hilarious chats. Can’t pick the better opener: “Middle Folkmore, a witchy town where your “wildest G-rating fantasies come true,” or Snackmore, a place made of candy that reminds the player of “Willy Won…”, a character whose name shall not be spelled out entirely because we don’t have the rights.”

Witty writing in the game hits the spot for both kids and adults. Yet, the game’s speedy pace sidelines character convos – a missed delight. Once you savor the humor, you crave more. But with wild multiplayer action and eye-popping levels, wrangling the gang to read is a tough sell.

Colorful and Eye-Catching Aesthetics

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Team17 and SMG Studio have whipped up a vibrant and eye-catching game that doubles as an inclusivity celebration. 

This game’s cast spans from eccentric to outright outlandish. It offers a wild array of characters to step into: individuals with unique abilities, gender-neutral avatars, or even zany critters like unicorns. 

The levels are finely crafted, each with its own flair and a boatload of details. And when the gears start grinding, and things go topsy-turvy, the neatness crumbles, chaos kicks in, and pandemonium runs wild.

I reviewed the game on PS5, and it ran flawlessly, without lag or technical issues of any kind, maintaining a clean image and no significant frame rate drops.


Moving Out 2 packs a simple but delightful punch, especially when you dive into multiplayer fun. Let’s face it, moving isn’t a picnic, but these indie game wizards have turned the tables.

With a fun dose of humor, standout visuals, and gameplay that serves up easy-to-grasp physics puzzles, Team17 and SMG Studio flip the script on those weekend box-lugging blues.

Moving Out 2 gets a hearty thumbs-up for a lively party game fix for consoles and PCs.

Final Score:

9/ 10

+Chaotic multiplayer energy
+Fun, dynamic level design
+Absurdly hilarious humor
Physics can be frustratingly broken
Less talking, more moving, please

Gamepur team received PlayStation 5 code for the purpose of this review.

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