Star Spectrum Rematch Wired Nintendo Switch Controller Review

The Star Spectrum Rematch Wired controller for Nintendo Switch is a fantastic budget controller with many cool customization features.

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Considering the Nintendo Joy-Cons propensity for breaking down and drifting, it’s a smart idea to purchase a backup controller that you can use for games that don’t require gyro. The PDP Rematch Wired controller for the Nintendo Switch is a great option, especially for those interested in an awesome budget controller with optional back buttons.  

The Rematch Wired line of controllers comes with two back buttons and a Function button; the latter is used to configure the former. The controller also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Function button can also be used to raise and lower the volume, which is done by holding it and either up or down on the D-pad. The Star Spectrum variant of the controller is adorned with plates depicting characters from the Super Mario Bros. series, with a rainbow pattern aesthetic. 

Star Spectrum Rematch Wired Key Details

  • Developer: PDP
  • Accessory: Controller
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Audio: 3.5mm Stereo Headset Jack
  • Price: $27.99


The Star Spectrum Wired controller works with the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED models. As it’s wired, it must be connected to the dock through its USB port, which means the controller doesn’t work with the Nintendo Switch Lite. The controller also works with Windows PC and Steam. 

The Good – The Pretty, The Customization, & The Controls

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The Star Spectrum Rematch Wired is gorgeous to behold, as its vibrant color scheme immediately makes it stand out among the others in its line. This isn’t to say that you’re stuck with this design if you grow bored of it, as it’s easy to replace the covers, joysticks, and even the D-pad, should you wish to change parts or use a different look for the controller. 

But the aesthetics are pointless if the controller doesn’t work. I’m happy to say this isn’t the case with the Star Spectrum Rematch Wired controller, as the sticks and buttons are fantastic, with a deep concave grip in the joysticks for extra leverage that feel great to use, especially for fighting games or shooters.

The Star Spectrum Rematch Wired has back buttons that sit in a comfortable position near where the player’s middle fingers would be, and it’s difficult to hit them by accident. You don’t need to risk this, however, as you can take the back plate off entirely, should you not wish to use the buttons. The Function button is also an excellent customization option, making it easy to configure the back buttons without using any in-game menus. In contrast, the audio changing button means you can quickly alter volume without needing to let go of the controller or pause the game.

The Bad – The Wire, The Noise, & The Missing Features

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The Star Spectrum Rematch Wired controller is wired, so not everyone can comfortably use one, depending on their living arrangement. The wire itself is decently long and should suit most living rooms, but people with kids and pets need to be careful. One compromise for the price is that you’re also missing out on some of the extra features of the Switch’s Pro Controller. This means that there is no amiibo functionality with the Star Spectrum Rematch Wired controller, nor any kind of rumble feature. 

While the audio volume switch is a great feature, it also has an annoying caveat. If you turn the volume up to maximum and try to raise it higher, the controller will emit a loud beeping noise, as if it were trying to censor what was being said on the screen at that moment. It would have been nicer not to indicate at all and for the player just to work out the max volume using their hearing.

The Verdict

The Star Spectrum Rematch Wired controller is a fantastic budget option for Nintendo Switch fans. The absence of some of the Pro Controller features is annoying. Still, it has everything where it matters, as the controller has a solid build, is comfortable to use, and has great customization options for people who want to tailor how they play their game.

Final Score:

9 / 10

+ Looks amazing
+ The maximum volume noise when wearing headphones is unnecessary and annoying
+ Removable back plate and function button add a ton of customization to the controller
A wired controller isn’t going to be for everyone
-/+ High-quality and response sticks
Lacks some of the basic features of the Pro Controller, like HD rumble

Gamepur team received a review sample for the purpose of this review.