Play these Call of Duty MWII DMZ missions to recreate your next action obsession – Prime Video’s Citadel

Prime Video’s new series Citadel is available to watch now!

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Prime Video’s Citadel has launched today, and it’s set to be an epic spy thriller for the streaming era. Espionage is one of the most popular genres in gaming, so Citadel is bound to turn gamers’ heads with its story, where there is always more than meets the eye. Prime Video has also teamed up with eight popular Australian streamers for a Citadel: Spy Challenge on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode starting today.

While watching this competition is sure to bring you excitement, you too can try to recreate moments from the spy series. Below we have compiled the missions available in MW2’s DMZ for tackling some Citadel styled missions with your friends. Can you outperform agents Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh, or will you stumble and fall flat on your face?

Train Tracks

Citadel begins with agents Nadia and Mason on a train and attempting to outwit their opponents, so it should be no surprise that the Tier 2 White Lotus mission, “Train Tracks,” is our first pick. While you won’t be able to get full ‘lose your memories and piece together your past’ experience like in the show, you can successfully execute the mission and earn yourself the Bullets calling card alongside a nice 15,000 XP.

Case by Case

One of the main plot beats in Citadel revolves around a trove of secrets called the “X-case.” This tungsten fortified case contains information on Citadel’s agent identities and even nuclear codes. Rival faction Manticore, the CIA, the US Secretary, and Ambassador are all looking for this X-case, so the Tier 5 Crown Faction mission “Case by Case” is perfect. After extracting different weapons cases, you’ll earn access to the DRC Building 21 and a healthy dose of 20,000 XP.

Most Wanted

While this is a contract and not a faction mission, we think it fits perfectly on this list. Once this contract is accepted, you and your team become the “Most Wanted” operators alive. Your exact location will then be revealed to all other players, and they’ll be given an incentive to kill you. You’ll then need to fight off your assailants or outlive the contract to conceal yourself. This is the exact premise of Citadel, where agents Mason and Nadia are constantly being hunted by Manticore. It’s almost as if Manticore has their exact location.


While agents Mason and Nadia form a team over the events of Citadel, they don’t begin on the same side. After their memories are wiped, the two eventually run into each other after having lived alone for quite some time. When Manticore agents show up and are looking for them, the two need to form an alliance to figure out who they are and what they are meant to do. The Redacted Tier 2 mission “Chauffeur” is similar to this, requiring players to infiltrate a base without backup before exfiltrating with a random teammate. Can you completely trust this new companion, though?

Secure Nuclear Materials

Our final mission in MW2, which evokes the spirit of Citadel, comes in the form of the “Secure Nuclear Materials” contract. While this is also a contract, it is apt as accepting it means players can check their tac-map to spot a radioactive materials marker. You’ll then need to utilize a Geiger counter to locate and extract nuclear material successfully. In Citadel, one of the secrets contained within the X-case is nuclear launch codes. It’s not an exact match, but they basically abscond with nuclear material.

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