Longest Answer Wins Codes

The longest answer wins it all.

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Not every game is supposed to be skill test and combative in Roblox, and sometimes it’s good to try out-of-the-box games such as Longest Answer Wins. It has a pretty straightforward objective where you have to give the possible longest answer to the given question within the 30s. You will be up against other players, so you need to be quick and precise.

Despite being a Roblox game, Longest Answer Wins doesn’t have a code system in place. This might be due to the game’s model not really needing rewards for progression.

Longest Answer Wins codes list

Longest Answer Wins working codes

Currently, there are no active codes for the game.

Longest Answer Wins expired codes

Currently, there are no inactive codes for the game.

How to redeem codes in Longest Answer Wins?

If a code system is introduced to the game in the future, we will update the article. This could happen if the game becomes more popular and significantly increases player base.

How to get more Longest Answer Wins codes?

The best way to look for potential codes or any other updates regarding the game is by joining Mega More Fun Roblox Group.

What is Longest Answer Wins?

Once in the game, several players compete in a quiz-styled game where the longest and most accurate answer to each question wins the corresponding player a point. There are three difficulties for questions you get being easy, medium, or hard. At the start of the game, each player will be standing on a tower surrounded by water, and after each question, the water level will rise, eventually engulfing players with short answers.