10 Occult NPCs You Can Romance In The Sims 4

Occult NPCs have always been a part of The Sims. This list collects the top 10 romanceable occult NPCs, including some familiar favorites.

The Grim Reaper cheerfully converses with. young female Black Sim. Behind them, a skeleton in a French maid's uniform walks by... watching them.

Image via Maxis

Occult NPCs have always been around in The Sims, with new packs introducing more to the game. While some of those NPCs have limited interactions, surprisingly, many can be romanced in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 has a wide variety of NPCs that players can find and interact with. Some can only be found through random encounters, some appear on certain lots, and some must be summoned. While not all NPCs are supernatural, quite a few are. Of course, what you’re dying to know is which of these occult Sims can be Romanced. Below, you will find a guide to the top ten occult Sims your Sim can romance, how to do it, and if there are any benefits (such as a special trait for offspring). 

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The Grim Reaper

The grim reaper recieves a rose from a dark haired female Sim.
Image Via Gampur

Not even Sims are immune to death. When the time comes, the Grim Reaper appears to ferry your Sim into the digital afterlife. Obviously, the Sim who has died will not be controllable, so you will need a second Sim in the household to romance the Grim Reaper. If your Sim is in a flirty mood when he arrives, they can even use their powers of seduction to save the life of a loved one or, you know… not. Once the soul of the departed has been reaped, the Reaper will hang around for a bit and can be interacted with almost like a normal Sim.

Sims cannot currently WooHoo the Grim Reaper (without the use of a pair of incredibly simple cheats) but can romance him. Be warned—the Grim Reaper isn’t looking for anything serious; he’s married to his work. On another note, any aspiring Casanovas must work fast because the Grim Reaper doesn’t stick around for very long after his job is done (places to go, people to reap) and may vanish into the ether mid-conversation. If the Grim Reaper leaves, another sacrifice must be made to get him back onto your lot.

Tragic Clown

A female Sim passionately embraces a tragic clown.
image Via Gamepur

The Tragic Clown is a longtime staple in The Sims franchise. It could not be easier to summon (and then romance) this NPC.  Simply buy the Tragic Clown portrait and hang it prominently in your Sim’s home. View the painting until the Clown appears. It should take a few tries, but not that long. Make sure your Sim is already in a strong positive (and preferably flirty) mood before you start the summoning because when the Tragic Clown appears, any Sim near him will gain the powerful Such Tragedy! moodlet and be so bummed out by his presence that they will become nearly unable to flirt. The Tragic Clown has all regular Sims socials available, so romance away! 

The Windenburg Ghosts

A translucent pink female Sim in a turn-of-the-century outfit listens to the advances of a modern day male Sim doing finger guns.
Image Via Gamepur

The Sims 4: Get Together pack introduced the town of Winenburg and the ghosts of the Von Haunt Estate along with it. Your Sim must visit the Von Haunt Estate in order to find (and romance) the ghosts. While there, the restless spirits of Lady Mimsy Alcorn Shallot and Lord Bernard Escargot Shallot IV will randomly appear to wander the grounds. They have all socials available, as ghosts do in The Sims 4, but it should be noted that Mimsy and Bernard were married and very much in love at the time of their untimely demise. Since they were reunited in death, wouldn’t it be a bit of a shame to try to get between them now? 

Patchy The Scarecrow

A Sim scarecrow with a pumpkin head and a large hat uses a leaf blower on some crops.
Image Via Maxis

There are several romanceable NPCs from the “Seasons” expansion pack. Possibly the weirdest is the Scarecrow. While technically an item you can put on your lot, you will notice some limited social interactions. If your Sim talks to him roughly ten times, they will become his friend. After that, not only will you unlock his outfit, but he will also start to come to life for about five hours at a time on random days. While Patchy, if left to his own devices, will focus on yardwork while alive, he also has a full social menu, and a determined Sim can WooHoo him. 

Father Winter

A jovial looking older male sim with grey hair and glasses waves at the camera while wearing festive winter garb.
Image Via Maxis

Another new addition from Seasons, Father Winter, is a Santa Claus-like character who arrives on Winterfest and dispenses presents. If your Sim plays their cards right, they might get something else, too. While there is a terrible James Bond reference I could make here about trying to seduce The Sim’s answer to Santa, I will refrain. In order to summon him, a Sim’s household must fully celebrate Winterfest, decorations, feast, and all. Once Father Winter appears, he is fully romanceable. If your Sim ends up having a baby with him, that child will automatically receive the Father Winter’s Baby trait, which has some useful effects. 

Flower Bunny

A large, cute, brown bunny Sim  in overalls throws flower petals in the air.
image Via Maxis

Yet another entry on this list from the Seasons pack! The Flower Bunny is a bit of an enigma. They are not associated with any specific holiday and must be manually added to a custom or existing holiday in order to get the Bunny to arrive on your lot. This NPC has no voice and won’t do much other than perhaps leave some flowers on the ground after arriving at your lot. However, they have a full social menu available, and your Sim can romance them. And, to answer your question: No, the suit stays on. 


A skeleton in a French Maid's outfit is kissed by a pale male Sim. Little hearts float around them.
Image Via Gamepur

The Sims Paranormal Stuff Pack brought back fan-favorite NPC Bonehilda. Unlike in other versions of the game, Bonehilda does not live in a purchasable coffin and now needs to be summoned. Sims with level three Medium skill can summon Bonehilda, and after she appears on the lot, she will clean, tend to children and pets, or even fight off evil spirits. Or, you can cut to the chase and start romancing her right after your Sim introduces themselves. 


A female, red-haired, Sim thinks about engagement as she holds hands with a translucent male Sim with a hat and a ponytail.
Image Via. Gampur

Your Ghost Host Guidry originates from the Paranormal Stuff pack. He appears on the second night a Sim spends in a haunted house and dispenses some useful information to players. His feud with his ex, Temperance, plays out as Sims remains in the haunted house. Guidry has nearly full social options available and is not difficult to romance since he is permanently flirty. Plus, you can even gain a special item from Guidry by asking him if he wants to get a drink while your Sim is flirty.


A translucent red woman accepts a rose from a red haired male sim in a vest.
Image Via Gampur

Like Guidey, Temperance hails from the Paranormal Stuff pack and resides in the haunted house. She is essentially the “final boss” of the haunted house and will appear after the fifth night and cause chaos. You cannot romance Bonehilda and Temperance at the same time, as Bonehilda will drive Temperance away if she is active on the lot. Temperance is not easy to seduce, as she is permanently angry. However, a truly determined Sim can make it happen. 


A male sim with a ponytail expresses affection and kisses the hands of a translucent green man while another translucent green man looks on.
Image Via Gamepur

If you have the Island Living, you have access to a special variety of NPCs. There are a variety of randomly generated Elementals, which are essentially ghosts—but with a few key differences. Any Sim with the Child of the Islands trait can summon Elementals to their current lot. If you impress the Elementals while on your lot, they can grant powerful mood buffs. They also have (nearly) full social options and are, therefore, romanceable. However, don’t stop there. If you invite an Elemental to move into your household, they will turn into a regular Sim with a powerful trait—the Sulani Mana trait. This trait allows them to summon volcanic rocks to their location, which will be passed on to any offspring they might have. 

And with that, you should have everything you need to know. All that’s left to do is to bust out those candles, dim the lights, and put on some romantic music. Soon enough, your Sim will have a much closer relationship with the paranormal than you ever thought possible.