Everything You Need To Know About The New World in Sims 4 For Rent

Tomarang is the brand new world from the Sims 4 For Rent expansion, and it’s chock full of new, unique details

Tomarang World Map Sims 4 For Rent

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Like any good expansion pack, Sims 4 For Rent is bringing us a new world. Tomorang is an Asian-inspired world full of high-rise rentals and village traditions.

With so many suburban-style worlds, it’s exciting to finally see something a little bit different in the new Tomorang world for the Sims 4. Of course, this world is bringing us the new residential rental property type, but that’s not all we’re getting out of it. If you’re curious about what to expect or what to explore first, let’s cover the basics of the new Sims 4 For Rent world of Tomorang.

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What is the New World in Sims 4 For Rent?

Sims 4 World Tomarang
Screenshot by Gamepur

The new world from Sims 4 For Rent is called Tomarang, described by EA as a “unique blend of tradition and modernity.”

Indeed, Tomorang has a unique look compared to previous Sims 4 worlds, with its cityscape vibes alongside the more tropical surroundings. There’s a ton of water and beautifully styled bridges and public spaces, not to mention fountains and other gorgeous details that make this world incredibly fun to explore.

If we were worried about a copycat of San Myshuno from City Living, I think we can safely say this pack avoids that pitfall. In addition to the new residential rental lot type, Tomarang comes with a new set of unique interactions that make it feel like a truly new world rather than a copycat of existing ones.

Active Lots in Tomarang

Tomarang World Map Sims 4 For Rent
Screenshot by Gamepur

Tomarang is relatively small in terms of playable locations, with nine active lots in total. The focus here is clearly on the residential experience since five of the active lots are residential.

Tomarang includes two residential rental properties to choose from, three empty lots you can build on to create your landlord empire, and two community lots. The community spaces are a National Park in the Koh Sahpa neighborhood and a lounge called The Screaming Gecko in the Morengo neighborhood.

Though there aren’t a ton of community lots, your Sim will be able to interact with others in common spaces if they’re living in a residential lot. This gives Tomarang a connected and communal vibe even with the relative lack of active community lots.

Sims 4 World Tomarang Tiger Sanctuary
Screenshot by Gamepur

In addition to the active lots in Tomarang, there are a few easter-egg style lots that you can interact with in more limited ways. The Tiger Sanctuary in Morensong gives you some options to visit or support, and supporting the sanctuary earns you a little plush tiger. Your Sim can also visit the temple in Koh Sahpa and get a positive moodlet from doing so.

The Tomarang Night Market

Sims 4 Tomarang Night Market
Screenshot via Gamepur

One of the big features we kept hearing about in EA’s promo for the new world in The Sims 4 is its exclusive Tomarang Night Market, where Sims can find exclusive items. It’s a beautifully designed space in the game, with bright lights and plenty of vendors to check out. In fact, there are actually a handful of Create a Sim items that can only be unlocked by visiting the market.

The Tomarang Night Market can be found by visiting a public lot in the Morensong neighborhood. The National Park is the closest lot, so I recommend traveling there with your Sim. Then, look around the open world until you spot the bright lights and stalls. You can’t miss it!

Tomarang Night Market Sims 4 Closeup
Screenshot by Gamepur

Along with the Night Market comes a number of new recipes as well, so if you love to cook every single dish in the game like I do, this is an exciting addition that comes with this world. New recipes from Tomarang include Tofu Pad Thai, Halo-Halo, and Burmese Samosa Soup, among others. Several of these recipes give your Sim a special Tomarang food moodlet as well.

Special Tomarang Interactions

Tomarang Truth Interaction Sims 4 For Rent
Screenshot by Gamepur

The new world in For Rent also brings with it some new interactions and even a few new traits. Sims can now have the “Child of the Village” trait, which gives them some special Tomarang-specific interactions.

There is a new introduction called the Tomarani Introduction, where your Sim will bow to their new would-be acquaintance.

You can also share a Tomarang Truth through interactions with your fellow Tomarang citizens. This is basically a Gossip interaction where your fellow Sims will share a juicy secret about themselves or the community.

Many lots in Tomarang also have a small shrine, where you can give incense or fruit as an offering and get a special mood-boosting moodlet for connecting with your spiritual side.