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Battlefield 1 Premium Friends - Here's How It Works

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Battlefield 1 Premium Friends

Battlefield 1 Premium Friends working: Players are allowed to party up and share a Premium Pass, allowing friends to play dlc maps together requiring only 1 party member that has Premium.

PS Plus April 2017 Games: Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime Comes With Share Play Feature

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PS Plus April 2017 Complete Line-up

Sony has announced the full line-up of PlayStation Plus Free Games For April 2017. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime has been added to the line-up, and guess what it comes with a SharePlay feature.

Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass Co-Op Mode Becomes Free

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Watch Dogs 2 Free DLC

Ubisoft has announced some interesting new changes to Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass content. The Showdown co-op mode featured in Watch Dogs 2's season pass is now set to be released for free to all players.

Year 3 Necrochasm Unlock Guide - How To Get It In Destiny Age of Triumph

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Year 3 Necrochasm - Destiny: Age of Triumph

This Destiny Age of Triumph guide show how to unlock Year 3 Necrochasm. This time around Necrochasm Auto Rifle is unlocked behind a quest.

Destiny 2: Year-Long Timed Exclusive Content Deal With PS4 Confirmed By Sony

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Destiny 2 Reveal On March 30

Sony has quietly confirm a year-long timed exclusive deal with PlayStation 4. Few Destiny 2 content will be exclusive to Sony's PlayStation 4 until Fall 2018. More details incoming this Summer.

Civilization VI Spring 2017 Update Live Now, Includes Balance Changes, AI Adjustments, And More

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Civilization VI Spring 2017 Update

Firaxis has just released Spring 2017 update for Civilization VI. The update brings in some new balance changes, AI Adjustments, and many other things.

FFXV Episode Gladiolus - How To Unlock Shirtless Costume Rugged Attire For Gladio

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FFXV Episode Gladiolus Shirtless Costume - How To Unlock

If you complete challenge mode in Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus you will unlock Rugged Attire i.e. a shirtless costume for Gladio.

Destiny 2 Pre-order Bonus Leaked, Cayde-6 figure Made By Bigshot Toyworks

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Destiny 2 Pre-order Bonus For Limited Edition

Retailer GameStop seems to have leaked Destiny 2 pre-order bonus. Few Twitter users pre-ordered Destiny 2 from GameStop and got Cayde-6 figure as a pre-order bonus.

Nintendo Admits Nintendo Switch Is Outperforming Wii, DS, 3DS Launch Sales, Setting New Records Every Day

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Nintendo Switch Sales Outperforming Wii, 3DS

Nintendo America Boss Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed that Nintendo Switch is outperforming Wii, 3DS, DS launch sales in the United States. The response to the Nintendo Switch is so good that it is setting new sales record every day.

Final Fantasy XV Patch 1.07 Live Now, Size 5.6 GB, New Changes And Improvements Detailed By Players

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Final Fantasy XV Patch 1.07

Square Enix released patch 1.07 for Final Fantasy XV. The update is pretty big, 5.6 GB. A user on Reddit has detailed all the new improvements and changes made to Chapter 13 with patch 1.07.