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Call of Duty 2017 Sledgehammer's Best Yet, "You're Gonna Go Nuts"

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Call of Duty 2017

Sledgehammer developer breaks their silence on Call of Duty 2017 and revealed some teasing details related to it.

Nintendo Switch Teardown Images Leaked, Confirms Nothing About Pascal, Maxwell, X1, Tegra

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Nintendo Switch Teardown

A new batch of Nintendo Switch images were leaked on internet showing us the chip and motherboard used inside the console. However, there are no details (confirms anything) about the Pascal, Maxwell, X1 and Tegra thing.

New Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots Hints At Kingdom Hearts Style Battle System

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshot

Tetsuya Nomura has released two off-screen gameplay screenshots of Final Fantasy VII Remake which hints at Kingdom Hearts stype battle system.

Horizon Zero Dawn Exact Release Date And Pre-Load Time Announced

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Horizon Zero Dawn Release And Pre-load Time

If you pre-ordered (purchased) Horizon Zero Dawn from PlayStation Store then you can play the game on February 27 at 9 PM.

First Horizon Zero Dawn Review Leaked, Powerful Narrative And Strong Character Development

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Horizon Zero Dawn Review Leaked

Read the world's first Horizon Zero Dawn review now. Engadget accidentally posted the review before the embargo time. The reviewer has praised powerful narrative and strong character development.

Trick To Get Umbreon And Espeon After The Naming Cheat - Pokemon Go Gen 2

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Pokemon Go Gen 2

There is a trick by which players can get Umbreon and Espeon in Pokemon Go Gen 2. This post details how to get Umbreon and Espeon after using the naming trick.

New Horizon: Zero Dawn Difficulty Settings Information, Level Is Like A Souls Game

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Horizon Zero Dawn Difficulty Setting

An early player of Horizon Zero Dawn has revealed some additional information about difficulty settings. Horizon Zero Dawn is like a Dark Souls game when played on highest difficulty setting.

God of War 4 Dev Cancelled PS4 IP Information, Characters And Enemies Concept Art Leaked

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Santa Monica Canceled New IP Concept Art

Some interesting new details and concept art of Sony Santa Monica's cancelled PlayStation 4 IP has been leaked. It shows characters and enemies concept art.

Horizon Zero Dawn On PS4 Pro Looks Astonishing, Players Can See Individual Ants Crawling On Trees

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Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Pro

Take a look at these Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Pro screenshots. The environments are highly detailed. Players can see individual ants crawling up and down the trees.

Nintendo Switch Retail And Review Unit Images Leaked, Unboxing Video Shows US And OS

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Nintendo Switch

A mega Nintendo Switch leak appeared today on internet, images of the retail and review unit were posted online along with a unboxing video showing Nintendo Switch OS and User Interface.