How to get a Vault Key in every match of Apex Legends

Vault Keys are extremely rare in Apex Legends but we have a way for you to secure one every match

Apex Legends Vault Key

Season 4 of Apex Legends has been receiving near-universal praise for its solid gameplay and improvements from Season 3. However, one thing that has not changed is the Vaults scattered throughout the World’s Edge map

The Vaults are home to epic tier loot and above, which makes them a scorching commodity. Though, not just anyone can gain access to the Vaults. To open one, you need to obtain a Vault Key, which can be found in the floating Cargo Bots. However, we have a way that can guarantee you a Vault Key, so you never need to worry about randomly finding a Vault Key again.

Where to always find a Vault Key

This particular Vault Key is in the same spot of every Apex Legends match. To start, you’ll need to head over to the Mirage Voyage in the western part of the map. Landing there is the easier route, but you can land somewhere else and make your way there also. Be warned, though; some other players can easily snatch the Vault Key before you’re able to. 

When you’re on the Mirage Voyage, head over to the bar/dance floor with all of the Mirage decoys, above the center of the floor, you should see a Cargo-Bot acting as a disco ball. If it’s not there, then someone else has already shot it down. You can see where the Cargo-Bot is exactly located below.

Image via Gamepur.

Although, if it’s still there, shoot it down, and you should a red item appear on the ground. This is your Vault Key, which grants you access to any Vault on the Apex Legends map. There are three Vaults currently in the game, which can be located at: 

  • Train Yard cave
  • Lava City cave
  • The Geyser cave

Make sure you hang on to your Vault Key in your inventory and then interact with a Vault door. This will grant you, and anyone else on the map, access to the Vault and all of that sweet, high-tier loot.