How to Redeem A Rift in Time & Cozy Edition Rewards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s time to claim your goodies, but just where can you get your Disney Dreamlight Valley rewards?

DDV Claim Rewards

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With the purchase of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Cozy Edition or even its paid expansion, A Rift in Time comes a hefty amount of rewards. This includes cute overall outfits, capybara companions, and even brand-new house skins.

DDV announced that its Cozy and Gold Editions would come with moonstones and in-game rewards for players. On the other hand, a Rift in Time comes with exclusive items that aren’t available in the base version of the game. Even if you don’t own any of these versions or the paid version, DDV will still gift you a couple of items for being around during the game’s release month.

However, after making the purchase and entering the game, you won’t magically find the rewards in your inventory. Don’t worry; you won’t have to purchase, find, or craft the items inside the game either. I’m looking at you, Scrooge McDuck; you won’t get another penny from me. You will, however, need to retrieve these items before you can equip them.

How to Claim Disney Dreamlight Valley Edition and Expansion Rewards

DDV claim cozy edition rewards
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To claim your rewards in Disney Dreamlight Valley, head outside your house and look for the mailbox. While connected to the internet, interact with it, open the mail with your rewards, and select “Claim.”

After this, all items should be added to your inventory. You can equip your outfits, skins, and companions or place your new decor items from the inventory menu.

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  • The Cozy Edition rewards you with 14000 Moonstones, a Cottage House Skin, 5 Raccoon companion skins, a Cheshire Cat Sweater, a Poster of your choice, and a Sticker sheet.
  • The Gold Edition‘s rewards are 15000 Moonstones, a Flowery Summer Cottage House skin, two Artist’s Overalls, and a Flower Capybara companion.
  • For purchasing a Rift in Time, Disney Dreamlight Valley sends 5000 Moonstones, a Jester Monkey, and a royal costume to your mail. This reward can only be claimed from December 5 to December 12.
  • For playing Disney Dreamlight Valley during the release month, you’ll get a Dreamlight Gaming Chair and a Dreamlight Valley’s Savior Jacket delivered to your mailbox. This reward can only be claimed from December 5 to December 19.

Whether you’re a veteran or a new player, Disney Dreamlight Valley has rewards for everyone to claim now that the full-release version is out. Make sure to check your mailbox outside your home to get your new goodies.