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Review: Forza Motorsport 7 Is Driving Towards Perfection

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Forza 7 Review

Forza 7 review - a lot was expected Forza Motorsport 7 and it didn't disappoint at all. Turn 10 made massive improvement into to the car handling, graphics and visuals, and many other things. In short Turn 10 and Forza 7 raised the bar in racing video game genre.

Review - Cuphead Has The Devil's Charm

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Cuphead Review

In our Cuphead Review, we call it a Visionary Sider Scroller shoot em up which every gamers must play instead of other games that is scheduled to launch in September end to October beginning.

How Nintendo Switch Convinced Triple-A Devs And What It Needs To Ship 130 Million Units

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Nintendo Switch A Huge Success In 2017

Nintendo Switch has unexpectedly received lot of AAA games, a great feat for a hybrid console. An analyst predicted that Nintendo Switch will 130 Million units by 2022 - here's how it can achieve it.

Yes, Pachter Is Right: PS5 Is Releasing In 2020 [Here's Why]

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Pachter Prediction On PS5 In 2020 Is Correct

Michael Pachter recently made a bold prediction - PS5 will release in 2020. I completely agree with Pachter's Prediction - PlayStation 5 will launch in 2020 - here are few reasons.

No Man's Sky: Atlas Rises - A Complete Game That I Would Suggest A Friend Of Mine To Buy

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No Man's Sky Atlas Rises Is A Game Changer

Atlas Rises Update has changed No Man's Sky completely. We can now use a term "Complete Game" for No Man's Sky, it went through a lot of difficulties in the early days, but it's a full packed experience.

Fortnite Review - A Fun But Paid Free To Play Experience

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Fortnite Review

In our Fortnite Review, we give our opinion on whether you should Buy or Wait for Fortnite? At $40, Fortnite early access is very close to Closed Beta i.e. it is not the full experience.

5 Best Xbox One X Games You Should Buy By Holiday 2017

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Xbox One X Games Holiday 2017

What are Must Buy Xbox One X Games for Holiday 2017? Many critics said Xbox One X 2017 lineup looks weak, but it is not. Here's 5 best games to buy in Holiday 2017 for Xbox One X.

For Honor Comeback Might Be Just Behind The Corner, Ubisoft Finally Listening

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For Honor Dedicated Server Support A Boost

For Honor was disaster at launch, but Ubisoft slowly fixed most of the things. The recent update from Ubisoft hints that For Honor is all set for a major comeback - new content, dedicated servers.

PES 2018 Online Beta Hands-On: Manages To Keep The Fun Promise, Really Entertaining

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PES 2018 Beta Impression On PS4

We played PES 2018 beta on PlayStation 4 and discovered lot of improvements. Hands-On PES 2018: It brings never-seen-before Realism in Goalkeeper Animation, and many more things.

E3 Is About Dreams - Why Microsoft Failed At E3 2017 Despite Having Xbox One X

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E3 2017 - Everything Wrong With It

What all things was wrong at E3 2017 for Microsoft and Xbox One X? E3 2017 was a disappointment for Xbox fans because expectations from was high, but no games showcased true power of Xbox One X.