How to get Item ID Codes in Fallout 4

Never scrounge for ammo again.

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Every item in Fallout 4 has an ID code. Developers use these to help spawn specific pieces of equipment or weapons for testing. It also allows them to update certain items without needing to search through a list or apply a change to everything in a game. This guide explains how to get those item ID codes in Fallout 4 to do some in-game item spawning of your own.

How to find item ID codes

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When you know the name of the item that you want the ID code of, open the console with the “~” key and type “help insertnameofitem 4.” Change the text ‘insertnameofitem‘ with the in-game name of the item you want the ID code of. For example, “help 10mm 4” is what you’d type to get the classic 10mm Rounds’ ID code.

Once you’ve tapped return, the console will show a few new strings of text. This is where you can check that you’ve found the correct item code. The ID code you see should be a string of numbers like “WEAP:(0001F276 500) ‘M14’.”

It’s important to use the reference before the number as an indicator of whether this is the correct ID code. For example, weapons will use “WEAP,” stats with use “STAT,” and ammunition uses “AMMO.” If you see a code but the reference before it is wrong, you’ve likely got the wrong ID code. However, if the reference looks like it’s for the right type of item, then you’ve probably got the correct ID code.

It’s important to note that you can only find the ID code of an item in Fallout 4 on PC. This is because you’ll need to use the game’s console, which isn’t accessible on PlayStation or Xbox versions due to the lack of a keyboard.

How to spawn items using ID codes

When you’ve found the correct ID code, you can use it to spawn that item into your game in Fallout 4. To do this, type “player.additem 0001F276 500” into the console, but change the ID code for that of the item you want to spawn. The number after the ID code is how many of that item you’d like to spawn, so in our example, tapping return with that command in the console would spawn 500 classic 10mm Rounds.

There are only two times you’ll need to spawn anything into Fallout 4. The first is when you want to give yourself an advantage or use a specific item after playing the game for hundreds of hours and never having found it. The second is when you’ve downloaded some mods for the game and want to use them immediately. The mod notes should include an item ID code, so you can spawn those items wherever you are unless specified elsewhere.

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