Best Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Ranked Play loadouts: Attachments, Perks & Playstyle

Warzone 2.0’s Ranked Play ladder can be brutal, but these best-in-class loadouts will help players inch closer to that coveted Iridescent.

Warzone 2 Ranked Play offers rewards for players who reach the top of its Skill Division ladder.

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Warzone 2.0’s Ranked Play is the place to be for players who want a competitive experience. The best players in the game gather here to show off their skills and earn in-game rewards for their efforts. Climbing through the game’s seven Skill Divisions is quite the challenge, and doing it without meta weapons would require superhuman dedication.

Our list of the best Warzone 2.0 Ranked loadouts will give you an excellent starting place for your climb (or reenergize your efforts if you’ve already started), but it’s important to remember that your preference still plays a part in success. Make adjustments that better suit your playstyle if an individual attachment, perk, or weapon tuning is holding you back.

Warzone 2.0 Ranked Play meta explained

Ranked Play allows Warzone 2.0 players to clash in a skill-based arena with virtual ladder points on the line.
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A handful of weapons are incredibly viable in Warzone 2.0 Season 5. Many can be mixed and matched, but we suggest always pairing up a long-range option with something that can handle up-close gunfights. So if you’re taking a Sniper – say the Signal 50 – then it’s best to throw an SMG or a close-up AR, like the FR Avancer, in your secondary slot to cover all ranges.

This gives you the most versatility possible, and it’s essential to be aware of your surroundings and adapt as fast as possible. These combinations will only improve your gameplay as much as your game sense allows. Don’t fret if throwing on these weapons initially causes you to perform slightly worse as you adjust, especially if you jump from something easy to use, like the TAQ-56 and Vaznev-9K, to something more high-risk, high-reward.

Best overall Warzone 2.0 Ranked Play loadout: TAQ-V & Lachmann Sub

Screengrab by Gamepur

The TAQ-V is King of Al Mazrah right now. The hard-hitting Battle Rifle shreds through Armor Plates and is the most consistent weapon in all of the land. It’s one of the more difficult weapons to master though, so be sure to try it out in public matches and the Firing Range for a while to get the hang of it.

Warzone expert JGOD and former Call of Duty World League World Champion TeeP have both praised the gun for its remarkable upside as a single-fire weapon, but if that’s a little too steep of a learning curve, the fully automatic fire mode is still completely viable. This is definitely one that needs an SMG to back it up, so here’s how we recommend you build the loadout.

Ranked Play TAQ-VAttachments
MuzzleSakin Tread-40 (+.50, +0.15)
Barrel18″ Precision-6 Barrel (-0.42, +0.35)
UnderbarrelFTAC Ripper 56 (+0.50, +0.28)
Ammunition7.62 High Velocity (-0.45, -4.35)
Magazine50 Round Drum

After that’s settled, you’ll want to look over your perk packages and identify any weak spots in the lineup. This setup revolves around Overkill, so there’s no avoiding that pick, and while this gun might not fare well in close fights, it’s not a Sniper either. You need to maneuver around the map with your SMG when there’s no fighting to be done. We recommend going with Double Time for the extra sprint duration, giving you a better chance to keep the pace high and chase fights.

Fast Hands is a necessity here. You will be flipping back and forth between your two Primary weapons all match long and getting caught with your pants down is a one-way trip to the Gulag. Finally, add a Throwing Knife to finish players off when they’re knocked, and a Smoke Grenade for immediate bailout potential when things get messy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This build excels at medium-range and long-range fights but severely lacks any up close-range dueling power. Our Lachmann Sub build will shore up the aforementioned SMG problem. Check out our guide for more info on that part of the loadout.

If the TAQ-V is proving to be a little too much and you need another option, the post-nerf Cronen Squall is still performing well according to WZRanked, so slap that in its place. All of these strategies will work with that gun, but won’t melt enemies quite as fast.

Best Warzone 2.0 Ranked Play Sniper Rifle loadout: Signal 50 & VEL 46

Screengrab by Gamepur

If you feel like you’re often getting trapped by snipers on rooftops, cliffsides, or oil rigs everywhere you turn in Al Mazrah, then the only way to fight back is to pick up a Sniper Rifle as well. The Signal 50 remains the uncontested best long-distance option in Warzone 2.0, and having the right loadout for the weapon can unlock a whole new level of freedom for talented sharpshooters.

There aren’t any one-shot kill options in Ranked Play, but this build will reliably break three plates, making it easy for your squad to push teams who need to heal up. Otherwise, follow up with another shot or two to do the job yourself.

Signal 50 Warzone 2 loadoutAttachments & Tunings
MuzzleBruen Counter-Ops (+1.35, +1.00)
Barrel29″ TV Kilo-50 (+0.40, +0.40)
OpticSchlager Night View
StockFSS Echo Stock (-3.50, +2.30)
Ammunition.50 Cal High Velocity (+0.70. +9.00)

This build also requires Overkill, but figuring out the right complementary perks will require some soul-searching. Are you the type of player who is going to get the knock and go flying to finish the kill? Take Double Time to get across the field faster and create chaos. If you’re more likely to sit back and play as overwatch for your team, then consider sticking with Bomb Squad to keep yourself safe when nades and Drill Charges inevitably get thrown your way.

This will also determine whether you take Fast Hands or Cold-Blooded as your third perk, as more mobile players will want the weapon swap speed, while sedentary assassins will need to keep themselves off the scopes of other counter-snipers.

Ghost is vital here, as staying off of UAVs is a must in high-MMR lobbies. A Semtex is probably best here to zone out any would-be attackers, and you would ideally add a Smoke Grenade to shroud yourself and your teammates when it’s time to loot.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The same Lachmann from the earlier loadout is still totally acceptable in the backup slot for this class, but the VEL-46 is another elite option here. It’s an absolute monster in close gunfights, and while it has slightly more kick than its meta competition, it still shoots straight enough that even first-time Ranked players should see instant success with it.

Best VEL 46 Warzone 2 loadoutAttachments
MuzzleSpiral Flash Hider (+0.94, +0.39)
UnderbarrelEdge-47 Grip (+0.80, 0.00)
Ammunition4.6MM Hollowpoint (No Tuning)
Grip ZLR Combat Grip (+1.00, -0.45)
StockAssault-60 Stock (-4.00, -2.32)

That should cover all of the bases for Warzone 2.0’s best Ranked Play loadouts! We’re approaching the endgame for the first year of the Battle Royale experience, and with Modern Warfare 3 drawing near, there are only a few months left to make the run to Iridescent. Be sure to check back in regularly for meta updates that you may have missed.