How to get the Marathon Armor in Destiny 2

Blast from the past.

Image via Bungie

It’s a time for celebration as the 30th Anniversary event in Destiny 2 commemorates Bungie’s past achievements with a slew of new loot for us guardians to get our hands on. Enter the Marathon set, armor sets for each class inspired by Bungie’s classic Doom style FPS, Marathon. While it may be exciting, expect to do some grinding in the new Dares of Eternity offensive activity to earn these armor sets.

Dare the Eternity

Image via Bungie

The primary path to unlocking the Marathon-inspired armor sets is spending time in and completing the new Dares of Eternity activity. The activity ties in hand-in-hand with the new Xur’s Treasure Hoard destination, which is your primary source for loot during the 30th Anniversary Event. Within the Treasure Hoard, you may notice statues surrounding the room representing the three classes, with several loot chests in front of them.

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These chests are where you obtain the Marathon armor, signaled by the glowing armor pieces above the chests that display which piece of the set you will be obtaining. These chests aren’t that cheap to open though and will require several completions of the Dares of Eternity activity. Here are the requirements for all armor pieces:

  • Gauntlets: Strange Favor Rank 4 and 3 Treasure Keys
  • Helmet: Strange Favor Rank 4 and 3 Treasure Keys
  • Chest: Strange Favor Rank 7 and 5 Treasure Keys
  • Legs: Strange Favor Rank 10 and 5 Treasure Keys
  • Class Item: Strange Favor Rank 13 and 7 Treasure Keys