The 10 best Super Mario Maker 2 user-created levels

The Mario Maker community creates amazing stages to play through. Here is a small sample of some.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a wonderland game for many creative people. It’s filled with tons of tools for you to make the Mario levels of your dreams (and pretty great for the players that like playing those courses as well).

The game may have received its final update from Nintendo, but that will not stop the community from creating great Mario courses. Here are ten great Mario Maker 2 courses that you should give a try the next time you boot up the game.

Flipswitch Caverns


This course holds a unique idea in a multiple room layout. Your task is to cross the obstacles by the use of flip switches. However, the only way to make the switches change is to jump. Combine this with trampolines and vines, and this level challenges your platforming while giving you a puzzle to solve.

Run away from Wiggler


This unique race for your life sees you use the brand new P balloon power up added to Mario Maker 2 to float away from an army of wigglers hunting you down. In Super Mario World, you would move slowly using this power up, but in this game, you have full control over the direction you blast off to and it makes this a very fun experience.

Roy’s Wooden Fleet


This auto-scrolling level is a light throwback to Super Mario Bros 3’s airship levels. Your journey from the front of a train to the back. Once you reach the end, you have a boss battle against Roy, who is flying across the arena and jumping into the floor. A true airship level with a unique battle.

Find the Error in the picture


As the name of this course implies, this is more of a puzzling level than a skill-based one. You are put in an area with multiple rooms that are very similar to each other. Your job is to find the one anomaly in the mix. Should you choose wrong, you will be forced into a sawblade, so make sure you choose carefully!

Boomerang Trial


Boomerang Trial is another puzzle course, but this time revolving around your skills with Mario in the boomerang suit. Some rooms require you to hit the proper switch with your boomerang, where others might have you defeat enemies. There’s even a boss section that gives you a short amount of time to get your timing right with your throwing.

Zigzag in the Long Winter


This course is similar to a speed run course but without the time constraint. You will be bouncing back and forth of bounce pads and timing your jumps to reach the end of this decently sized level.

Think fast!


Each room in this course has a little challenge that will require you to be light on your feet. Hesitate even for a moment, and you will lose and have to start over. From dodging thwomp to avoiding pitfalls, this is an exciting level that tests your reflexes.

King Bowser’s Spaceship Armada


In this level, you are chasing Bowser as he tries to escape the Mushroom Kingdom through space. You will jump from spaceship to spaceship, utilizing bob-ombs to make your way to Bowser for a final fight.

Link Puzzle: Four Powers


This course takes advantage of the Master Sword powerup that turns you into Link from The Legend of Zelda. As Link, you go through several rooms, each dedicated to taking advantage of one of his weapons in each section, much like a Legend of Zelda game would do with its dungeons.

Super Metroid Mario


Super Metroid Mario is another course inspired by a separate Nintendo franchise. You start this level at Samus’ ship and work your way down, but you lose your fire and star powers. You need to go to each room, collecting your powerups back before you start ascending back to the ship—a great way to utilize the Metroid series in a Mario gameplay style.