The 10 best strategy games for Android

These are the best strategy games you can play on your Android device now.

Looking to find some games that will challenge your thinking while taking advantage of the convenience of your phone? Android has many great options.

With these games, you can help cure that strategy craving you’ve been feeling, and can easily do it with your phone. All of these games offer the thrill of pulling off the perfect strategy, outsmarting your enemies, and taking total control.


Taking the role of El Presidente, ruling over your own tropical island in the Caribbean, you can manage all aspects of life and society on the island in Tropico. You will build new roads, structures, train your citizens with schools and military bases, and manage the economy.

Strategy comes into play as you monitor your structures’ staffing, which could mean you have to build better schools or call in foreign workers. You will also get updates from your advisors about issues that are popping up and need your attention.

There are 15 campaign islands for you to work towards specific goals and there is also a sandbox mode that will give you control of your country to do as you please with. Be a benevolent leader, or a tyrannical monster.

You can buy it on the Google Play Store.


Mindustry is a really great tower defense game that you can play on your phone. It does away with the normal preset levels for you to play your way through and instead gives you a sandbox philosophy that lets you build your defenses however you want before waves of enemies come at you.

There are plenty of things to manage as you work your way through the levels, having to manage mining enough resources to build and also protecting your supply lines—conveyor belts that deliver your mined resources and goods to your core and defenses. It can take a bit to get used to with all these different things going on, but once you get the hang of it, the depth of the game will open up.

There are single-player and multiplayer modes available for you to play, with the single-player being a great starting place for you to get your bearings.

You can buy it on the Google Play Store.

Civilization Revolution 2

Based on what is probably the most popular strategy series, Civilization Revolution 2 is a simplified version of the popular games for your Android device.

Putting you in the role of a legendary world leader, you will build an empire by raising armies, increasing production of goods, and, most of all, conquering anyone who opposes you. You can accomplish one of four goals to win: capture all your opponents’ capitals; gain control of the economy by getting 20,000 gold and opening up the first World Bank; acquire and convert 20 cities, wonders, or great people and build the United Nations; or be the first to launch a ship into space.

It may not be as polished as the PC-version games, but it is optimized for mobile and the fact that it is paid for means there won’t be any ads to bother you.

You can buy it on the Google Play Store.

XCOM: Enemy Within

Another mobile entry into a popular strategy series, this game is an expansion of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, adding a new array of abilities, upgrades, and weapons to help you fight off an alien invasion from taking over Earth. The game has been out for a while now, but it still holds up as a great strategy game.

You can spend each turn moving your troops and units around the map to fight off the invasions, and after each level, you can go back to the HQ and upgrade your army.

At $10, you are getting a full game that will keep you engaged for a long time.

You can buy it on the Google Play Store.

Fire Emblem: Heroes

This game represents Nintendo’s first journey into developing for Android.

The game brings all your favorite heroes from the series and places them into a whole new story, pitting the noble Askran Kingdom against the Emblian Empire, which is trying to rule all worlds. As the player, you will bring all of Fire Emblem‘s greatest heroes together to save the kingdom.

There is a story mode, as well as extra Special Maps, Arena Duels, and a Training Tower. The Arena Duels are the multiplayer parts of the game that will give you something to do after you have finished its story.

You can get it now on the Google Play Store.

Pandemic: The Board Game

This mobile version of the popular board game is challenging as both a single-player experience and if you are playing with others.

The goal is to cure four different diseases from spreading and taking over the world. You select your character at the start of the game, with each character having a special talent that can help eradicate the sicknesses. It is a pass-and-play style of game where you will have to work together with your team to strategically find the right cures.

If you want replayability, there are also in-game expansions available for purchase.

You can buy it now on the Google Play Store.


Another popular game from Blizzard, this turn-based card game has you summoning creature cards and casting spells based off on the Warcraft universe.

Each of the nine heroes has their own unique ability, as well as a good amount of collectible and craftable cards. There are plenty of things to do to accommodate your level of commitment, with casual games, ranked matches, weekly Tavern Brawls, and more to help keep you interested and coming back for more.

It’s been out long enough that there is plenty of content to dive into, and it is totally free. But if you find yourself wanting to spend a little more, there are plenty of in-app purchases you can use to get new card expansions.

You can get it now on the Google Play Store.

The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

This game gives you an incredible amount of freedom to orchestrate a daring prison break. This mobile version has been better-designed from its predecessor and has an added multiplayer to it.

It’s all about the excitement of breaking out of prison, and there are numerous ways to do so. You will steal supplies for crafting, earn money to bribe guards with, or even craft weapons and start your own prison riot. Take time out of your daily prison routines to train yourself in the library or gym to keep your mind and body ahead of the guards.

There are five prisons you can escape from, ranging from a small jail to a maximum-security prison. You can also play with friends over local multiplayer.

You can buy it now on the Google Play Store.

Chess by AI Factory Limited

Chess is one of the oldest strategy games there is.

This is a simple game, but it has a few different game modes, multiplayer, the ability to save and load games, 12 difficulty levels, and more. But it still utilizes the pure strategy that the game of chess uses, and that is enough for us to recommend it to you. Plus, the company offers the same for other classic games like checkers, Go, and more.

You can get it now on the Google Play Store.

ROME: Total War

This is a full-blown RTS that was released in 2004 and has now been ported to mobile devices.

You can help lead massive battles, incorporate real strategies, and it comes with 19 playable factions. You can build your armies and resources as you prepare for total world domination. You can even purchase two standalone DLC’s, including the Barbarian Invasion and Alexander the Great. It really is a great deal for a complete game.

You can buy it now on the Google Play Store.